THIS IS CNN: Network Admits 'US Media Declared Joe Biden Victorious', Not Official Sources


In a tweet and in its article, CNN admitted that the “US media declared Joe Biden victorious” in the 2020 presidential election, tacitly acknowledging that the media-created results may not align with the votes cast by electors sent by states in December, possibly after a mountain of lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and Republicans causes Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin flip for the Republican incumbent.

As the media continues to provide a stream of disinformation about the election, voter fraud, and Biden’s status as the winner, CNN writers

Pundits from across the political spectrum have questioned media outlets who suddenly determined Joe Biden had won the election after days of counting mail-in ballots, often illegally behind closed doors with no Republican observers.

Constitutional scholar and pundit Mark Levin, while interviewing former special prosecutor Ken Starr, seemed to lambast his own network, Fox News, for their early call.

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“There are news organizations that are making declarations about who won the presidency,” said Levin, before quoting an excerpt of the U.S. Constitution that details how electoral college electors are meant to be determined by state legislatures, and not the media.

Meanwhile, examples of fraud and suspected fraud continue to mount, with video recently surfacing of a Michigan election worker appearing to count xeroxed pages as military ballots.

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