Teddy Daniels Announces Candidacy for Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor


America First veteran Teddy Daniels has announced his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, days after State Senator Doug Mastriano announced his run for Governor.

In a video on Facebook Live, Daniels announced that “after much thought and consideration” he had decided to run for Lieutenant Governor of the state.

“For the past two years Pennsylvania has been ruled by a tyrannical democrat administration while spineless Republicans in Harrisburg sat back and did nothing,” Daniels said in a press release.

“I’ve spent those same two years helping mothers run for school board seats, assisting small businesses during the unconstitutional lockdowns, and fighting back against mask mandates forced on our children, fighting for medical freedom, and demanding that Pennsylvania lead the way on election integrity.”

The announcement from Daniels comes only days after State Senator Doug Mastriano, who led the charge for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania, and was one of the main opposition voices to the lockdowns by Governor Tom Wolf, appeared in front of a crowd of 3,000 people and declared he would be running for Governor.

Teddy Daniels Announces Candidacy for Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor

Both Daniels and Mastriano have endorsed each other, making the two candidates the front-runners for those who supported an America First agenda in the state.

In his announcement video, Daniels confirmed that the two together would fight back against the establishment GOP in Pennsylvania, especially after the forensic audit pushed for by Mastriano and Daniels was killed.

“Pennsylvania is full of too many RINOs who are afraid to make the right call and the tough call,” Daniels said. “If we can’t make them see the light, we’re going to make them see the heat.”

“If we’re going to Save Pennsylvania, the governor needs a battle hardened, no B.S. person who doesn’t cower to the left and can push the common sense, conservative agenda that made this state great,” he concluded in the press release. “I am dedicated to standing against government overreach and will protect and defend the constitution.”

Daniels has seen further endorsements in his bid for Lieutenant Governor from a number of election integrity champions and supporters of the America First agenda, including Representative Paul Gosar, Arizona State Representative Wendy Rogers, and former Donald Trump attorney Jenna Ellis.

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