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IRS No Longer Interested in Your Money Alone, Will Soon Require You to Submit Biometric Data to Access Account

The IRS will soon require Americans to submit a video for facial recognition purposes to access their accounts.
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Tech Founder Born In USSR Warns About Facebook's Metaverse, Compares It To Soviet-Style Propaganda

A tech CEO says technical wizards preaching about the metaverse reminds him of Soviet leaders preaching about communism.
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Psaki Awkwardly Smirks as Reporter Savages Her by Listing Off Biden's Failures for 1 Minute Straight

Psaki responded that 'you do hard things in White Houses.' Perhaps you do, but it's becoming clear the administration can't do them well.
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GOP Senator Who Fauci Called a 'Moron' Is Set to Introduce the 'FAUCI Act'

A GOP senator mocked as a 'moron' by Dr. Anthony Fauci is not backing down in his efforts to make Fauci's secret documents public.
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Final Death-Blow to Keystone Pipeline: Judge Tosses Multi-State Lawsuit Fighting Biden's Job-Killing Move

A lawsuit filed by 23 states against the Biden adminsitration over the Keystone XL Pipeline has been thrown out by a federal judge.
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