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VIDEO: LAPD Sergeant-Turned-MSNBC Talking Head Calls Black Kentucky Attorney General 'Skinfolk' Not 'Kinfolk'

Cheryl Dorsey, a former LAPD Sergeant-turned-MSNBC talking head has said the black Attorney General of Kentucky is "skinfolk, not kinfolk."
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VIDEOS: Looters Livestream Destruction and Aftermath of Burning Kenosha Car Dealership

Images of a local Kenosha used car dealership being torched by looters, following the police shooting of a black man as an arrest warrant was served, circulated on social media […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Allen West: 2020 Is "Rule Of Law" Vs. "Rule Of The Mob"

Texas Republican Party chairman Lt. Col. Allen West gave an exclusive interview to the National File on Wednesday, during which he emphasized the need to restore law and order in […]

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VIDEO: Elderly Woman Assaulted, Doused in Paint Then Confronted by Portland Rioters

A sickening video is currently circulating social media showing an elderly woman be doused in paint as she reportedly attempted to dissuade protesters from damaging property. In the video, the […]

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