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NEW FOOTAGE: Michigan Lawmaker Who Threatened 'Trumpers' Was Heckled, Mocked For Incompetence During Fraud Hearing Meltdown

Bumbling state representative Cynthia Johnson tried to have a shouting match with the audience, but was roundly jeered for her trouble.

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Whitmer Demands 'Compassion' For State Rep. Who Threatened 'Trumpers' Because She Was 'Exposed To COVID' During Fraud Hearings

Whitmer says GOP House leaders went “too far” in stripping Johnson’s committee posts following viral threats against “Trumpers”

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VIDEO: Disgraced Michigan Rep Who Threatened 'Trumpers' Says Biden 'Owes' Her For Putting 'Life On The Line' In Profane Rant

“But we gon’ change some s**t that’s been goin’ on in the city of Detroit… Mhm. Oh yes. I put my life on the line…”

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