Pelosi Sets Meaningless 48 Hour Deadline For COVID Stimulus Talks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set an arbitrary deadline of 48 hours for the Trump administration to capitulate in talks to achieve a COVID relief stimulus bill, saying the President needs […]

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Big Pharma Employees Creating COVID-19 Drugs Overwhelmingly Donate to Biden, Democrats

According to a noted industry publication, Big Pharma money is not backing the Republican candidate, as is traditionally the case. This election cycle pharmaceutical money is favoring the Democrat. Kaiser […]

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WHO Flip-Flops Again, Now Says COVID-19 Lockdowns Are Bad

In a flip-flop of monumental proportions, the World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19 is urging world leaders not to use lockdowns as the chief weapon against the virus. David […]

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COVIDpocalypse: Microsoft Green Lights Permanent Telecommuting For It's Employees

Microsoft has announced that much of its staff may opt to work from home or telecommute permanently, subject to manager approval, in a move that signals a major shift in […]

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Over 4,000 Doctors And 40,000 Signatories Demand 'End COVID Restrictions'

Over 4,000 medical professionals, including epidemiologists, doctors, and public health officials from around the world, have signed a declaration urging “focused protection” of the vulnerable and building herd immunity. In […]

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