SWEDEN: Woman Sentenced to 3 Months Jail for Hate Speech


A 65-year-old woman has been jailed for three months for incitement against ethnic groups–or online hate speech–targeting Muslims which has been slammed as ‘racist,’ according to a local report.

The unnamed woman was initially acquitted of incitement against ethnic groups for posts made on social media by a district court.

However, she was sentenced by a High Court judge, Göta Hovrett, for eight counts of incitement against ethnic groups.

She was handed a term of three months in prison.

The prosecution pronounced that she had made eight separate ‘derogatory and racist posts about Muslims on Facebook.’

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The woman initially denied the posts, claiming that she had been hacked, stating that somebody had gained access to her sensitive information.

Jönköping’s district court acquitted the woman as they found it impossible to determine whether the woman herself had made these Facebook posts.

But a High Court overrode the district court’s acquittal finding her guilty of making the ‘derogatory and racist posts.’

Sweden, in recent months, has slapped social media users with fines for writing posts considered to be ‘hate speech.’

A man was hit with a hefty fine after committing hate speech as a response to a rant where a Muslim man said:  “We Arabs are here to take over your f**king country so go down on your f**king knees and suck my c*ck your Swedish little whore.”

He was found to have made a racial slur instead of a personal insult.

It doesn’t stop there.

Sweden has also fined a man for Facebook posts he didn’t make.

The admin of a popular politically incorrect group was given a fine for failing to remove ‘hate speech’ written by other users on his group’s page.

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