ROGER STONE: Eric Swalwell Pushes Big Lie That Trump Demanded My Silence In Exchange For Freedom


Last Friday Rep. Eric Swalwell and the House Judiciary Democrats released a new video featuring an old lie. They claim yet again that I traded my silence about misconduct by President Donald Trump for clemency in the bogus criminal case brought against me. This time they claimed to have “documentary evidence” as well as testimony form two witnesses. There is no documentary evidence and what they have is the uncorroborated, plea-bargained induced testimony of two convicted liars. Even then this testimony does not stand up to scrutiny.

Once President Trump decided to use his extraordinary power of clemency to commute my sentence as an act of both mercy and justice for the ridiculously contrived charges of lying to Congress pasted together by the rabid partisans on Robert Mueller’s hit squad when, to their surprise, after subjecting me to a full legal proctological examination they could find no evidence whatsoever of Russian collusion, collaboration with Wikileaks, campaign finance crimes or any other significant offense, the unhinged left has already decided on their counter attack. It is based entirely on falsehood.

Since then Congressman Jerry Nadler, Congressman Adam Schiff, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Hillary Clinton and now the Report of the US Senate Intelligence Committee repeats the same lie. Now Swallwell, a bottom feeding demagogue who accused Tucker Carlson of being a Russian asset and engaging in treason is recycling it yet again.

On MSBNC, Hillary Clinton, acting even more bitter and insane as usual insisted I had “blackmailed the President both publicly and privately” and that this was part of a “continuing cover up” of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia” seemingly oblivious to the fact that she laundered money to pay for the Steele dossier a document designed to smear Trump that was prepared with the assistance of Russian Intelligence assets and this fabricated document was used to justify the largest abuse of power in US History.

President Trump, in his written answers under oath to the Special Counsel, essentially denied any discussion with me regarding the Wikileaks disclosures. I testified under oath to the House Intelligence Committee that I never discussed Wikileaks with Candidate Trump in 2016, President Elect Trump in early 2017 or President Trump to this very day. Both of us were telling the truth.

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The latest recycle is based in part on a phone conversation I had with Howard Fineman who I spoke to briefly on the day the President commuted my sentence. It is falsely alleged that I somehow told Fineman, formerly of Newsweek and now of MSNBC that I knew of criminal conduct by the president and remained silent in return for clemency. I never said anything of the kind. What I did say was that the president knew I had been pressured unmercifully to give false testimony against him in return for leniency and had refused. I felt certain the President knew this but I had said it in dozens of interviews the instant I was un-gagged.

Here is the exact content of a text Fineman sent me after this public controversy:

Roger, I didn’t say that you knew of criminal activity. I didn’t say anything more than what I quoted you as saying, and that you yourself had previously said publicly yourself: that you weren’t going to turn, flip and cooperate with the feds by telling them about your many campaign-period convos with #trump. My sense was that you assumed — not unjustifiably — that they would find a way to use those convos to trap trump in contradictions, etc. that’s clear on the WaPo piece.

and in the piece I quoted your views about the prosecutors the judge and the jury, and accepted your assertion that the jury was all democrats.

Again, I never said — and do not now say— that you were hiding criminal knowledge. That’s what others are reading into it for their own reasons. I’m not your enemy; far from it, I am as these things go in life, a sympathetic friend. Do I make a harsh judgment about your tactical history? I did. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have enormous regard for your talent and knowledge. I do. I just honestly wish that you had chosen to use it differently…….

…………Good luck on Hannity tonight.

I bear no ill will towards Fineman, who I have known for many years, and who insists I did not say I knew of misconduct by the President but says “That’s what others are reading into it for their own reasons.”

None of this is new. The Senate Intelligence Committee took the Big Lie even further only weeks ago.
The Senate Intelligence Committee report said “[t]he Committee assessed that Trump spoke with Stone about WikiLeaks on multiple occasions. Notice the report’s convenient use of the hedge word “assessed”. This particularly-unpersuasive word choice is used by intelligence agencies when they seek to push some conclusion for which they have no evidence or proof, as is the case with their manufactured claim that I ever once communicated with President Trump about WikiLeaks.

As I wrote for National File:

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“The charges brought against me for false statements to that committee did NOT include my testimony refuting any claims that I had ever had such communications with Donald Trump. Further, the Mueller Report never alleged, or otherwise concluded, that the President was not truthful when he likewise said he recalled no such communications.

Aggressive as they were, even the Mueller prosecutors knew full well that the only support they could muster to substantiate this fabricated claim was uncorroborated testimony from Michael Cohen and Rick Gates, induced as part of their plea bargains, attempting to avoid prison. Even after seizing all of my communications and devices, and presumably surveilling those of others, perhaps even the President’s, not a single text, email, note or other document was found or produced to contradict the truth that both the President and I told about this question.

The Senate Intelligence Committee report also conveniently excludes Cohen’s contradictory testimony on this point. Cohen first said he overheard a call between candidate Trump and me in July of 2016 just before the Democrat National Convention, during which WikiLeaks dropped the first batch of DNC-related documents. Then he changed his story, subsequently claiming he overheard this call in August 2016, just before the Republican National Convention.

Cohen’s perjured testimony claimed that candidate Trump put me on speaker phone, after a secretary told him I was on the line. The secretary who routinely handled any calls I made to candidate Trump gave no support to Cohen’s claims – namely because Cohen’s version of events never happened. Cohen was never called as a witness in my trial, and for good reason – the claims of this admitted liar have ZERO corroboration.

Curiously, the only other testimony purporting that Donald Trump and I communicated about Wikileaks – from Rick Gates – was essentially an identical circumstance, as though the “overhearing a phone call” scenario was the only one that the Mueller gang and their two-cooperating plea-bargainers could plausibly fabricate, knowing they had not an iota of hard evidence (a text, email, witness, recording, notes etc). Rick Gates testified at my trial that he witnessed Trump take a cell phone call from me while riding with candidate Trump in a SUV from Trump Tower to LaGuardia Airport in August 2016.

Gates admitted he did not hear the actual call, claiming only that he knew it was a call from me because he purportedly saw my name pop up on Trump’s cell phone. The fact that Gates was seated in the back of SUV, while Trump rode in the front seat, casts doubt on this claim, and Gates never explained how he could have so readily glimpsed anything on Trump’s phone, in the instant Trump would have looked down at the phone and picked up the call, putting the phone up to his ear.

Further, I’ve had the same cell phone number for many years and it has always been held under my company, which is what pops up from Caller ID whenver I call someone from it, i.e. even if Gates somehow could see the screen, it would not have displayed my name.

Gates also said there were two Secret Service Agents in the car at the time, but conveniently for Gates and his fictional testimony, the Government could not produce them, nor could it even produce a phone record to show such a call ever happened. Gates claimed that he knew the call pertained to Wikileaks because of something Trump said immediately after the call, but then claimed elsewhere that Trump’s comment was made much later, after they had boarded Trump’s plane.

The bottom line is that Gates’ fictional overheard call between candidate Trump and me simply never happened. But Gates got what he needed in exchange for fabricating a conveniently “overheard call” (which no one else apparently overheard): a mere 45-day sentence and a free pass from the Mueller gang on a million-dollar tax evasion charge. Regardless, Gates’s tall tale, like Cohen’s, is uncorroborated – the result of an extremely-desirable benefit accruing to Gates: avoiding serious prison time.”

These two fabricated, uncorroborated plea bargain-induced stories of supposed eavesdropping (without actually hearing anything) are regularly used to bolster the BIG LIE. The BIG LIE goes like this: Roger Stone traded his silence regarding his knowledge of misconduct by the president in return for the president’s commutation of his sentence.”

This phony argument has now popped up in opinion sections of platoons of fuzzy headed left wing law professors as well as the editorial pages of once great newspapers like the New York Times will be repeated with their other big lie which is that Attorney General William Barr is violating the rule of law at the Justice Department by his action to dismiss what we now know is the entirely fabricated case against that great American patriot General Michael Flynn and the false allegation that Barr interceded in the sentencing process in my case to give me “special treatment.”

In fact, Barr and the acting US Attorney for the District of Colombia Timothy Shea were blindsided by the four completely politicized prosecutors in my case when they put forward a sentencing recommendation which sought to add additional jail time to my sentence for a series of crimes for which I was neither charged nor convicted. The repeated claim that Barr retracted the initial recommendation is false; in fact the career prosecutors who replaced the rabid and corrupt partisan hit squad who initially prosecuted me were careful to point out to Judge Jackson in the sentencing hearing that they did not retract the initial sentencing memo but that they were supplementing it with an option that was more in line with the Federal guidelines but more importantly made clear that the matter was entirely up to the discretion of the judge.

Even Judge Amy Berman Jackson, no fan of Roger Stone, agreed that the proposed 7to 9-year sentence was excessive. The Federal guidelines for the sentence of the crimes of which I was actually convicted was 18 months. The career prosecutors who replaced the rogue gang of 4 who resigned from my case in a publicity stunt argued for and won a sentence of 40 months, 2 additional years of supervised probation, 230 hours of community service and a $25,000 fine. Where exactly was I cut a break.

In fact, the entire claim that I was afforded “special treatment” because I was “a friend of the President” is ludicrous on it’s face. 29 heavily armed FBI agents swarming my home in a pre-dawn raid and dragging my wife out of the house in her nightgown and bare feet to be fully displayed for the CNN cameras at a cost of 1.1 million dollars to the taxpayers is most certainly “special treatment”. When the inspector general of the justice department in 2 separate reports recommends of former FBI Director James Comey but the Department of Justice elects not to prosecute him, at the same time the house intelligence committee transfers my classified testimony to special counsel Robert Mueller with no recommendation but I am prosecuted is most definitely “special treatment.”

When Judge Amy Berman Jackson launched into an unhinged rant at my sentencing saying that my misstatements to the House Intelligence Committee obstructed the Committee’s investigation and that their investigation would have had a different result if I hadn’t lied but the chairman of the committee Devin Nunes (R-Ca.) says that my testimony had no impact on the conclusions in the committees report it is yet another example of the “special treatment.”

I was subjected to. When FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, DNI Director James Clapper, FBI officials Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Paige, Bruce Orr and others intentionally lie to Congress in an effort to hide underlying criminal activity on their part but are not prosecuted while misstatements that I made to Congress are essentially immaterial and shield no underlying crime which means I had neither motive nor intent to dissemble but that I am prosecuted it is most definitely “special treatment.”

When Democrat super lawyer Michael Avenatti, ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort’s partner in thievery Rick Gates are all transferred from incarcerated in correctional facilities to the safety of home confinement because of the dangers of infection of COVID-19 but Judge Jackson and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ignored legal precedent in every district including DC, the current policy of the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons, my age and health and the now over 200 cases of Covid-19 at the correctional facility I was to report to a facility that the week before I was to surrender released a convicted violent sex offender, pedophile and child pornographer to protect them from the dangers of corona virus infection, I am most definitely being subjected to “special treatment.”

Because there was a general mainstream media blackout of the coverage of the Soviet style show trial I was subjected to in Washington, DC many people do not know what I was charged with or that unhinged and hateful Trump hating judge Amy Berman Jackson systematically and unconstitutionally prohibited every powerful line of defense, carefully hiding her rigging of my trial by sealing all of the documents in my case. It is therefore important to know that my trial never produced any evidence that I possessed or knew about the content or source of any of the Wikileaks disclosures prior to their public release contrary to the false narrative pushed relentlessly by the depraved miscreants at CNN.

The other falsehood that the mainstream media manipulators got huge mileage from is my entire innocuous exchange on Twitter direct messages with the persona of Guccifer 2.0 who our intelligence agencies insist without providing any proof was a Russian intelligence asset. John Brennan is a great believer in that nostrum from Josef Goebbles that if the lie is big enough and you repeat it enough times everyone will believe that it is a fact. Robert Mueller himself recycled the whopper in a OP-ED in the Washington Post the day after the President commuted my sentence. ‘Roger Stone was communicating with Russian Intelligence Officers known to us” he wrote. His claim that my innocent and innocuous exchange with the persona of Guccifer 2.0 on Twitter DM which I released entirely publicly in 2017 was proof of collusion between the GRU and the Trump campaign is disproved by the timing and content of the exchange which took place after the release of DNC documents by Wikileaks . The exchange itself proves no collaboration or collusion. Counter-Terrorism experts have written thousands of words thoroughly debunking the claim that Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian cut out but given the content of our brief online exchange which contained no evidence of collaboration and no exchange of meaningful information all this innocent encounter ever generated were the many headlines blaring “Trump associate admits contact with Russian intelligence” while failing to note that the content of this alleged contact was meaningless and proved nothing.

Mueller’s assertion that I claimed advance knowledge of the Wikileaks release of data is meaningless; Julian Assange had already said in multiple interviews in the late Summer of 2016 that he had more material on Hillary Clinton and would release it. See how nefarious they make it sound.

Nonetheless Schumer and Schiff and Nadler and the rest of the congenital liars, hucksters and con-men who insisted they had proof of Russian collusion will now scream about “the rule of law”. Where were these people when Attorney General Lorretta Lynch was meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac to fix Hillary Clinton’s illegal computer server problem? Where were they when Eric Holder was stonewalling Congressional subpoenas in the Fast and Furious investigation in which American law enforcement officers died. Where were they when Barack Obama was moving pallets of cash to Iranian power brokers that were never disclosed in the Iranian nuclear arms deal.

More importantly where were they when Barack Obama and Joe Biden conspired with CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director James Comey, DNI Director James Clapper, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI officials Peter Strozk, Lisa Paige, Bruce Orr and dozens of other Obama-Clinton minions in the now undisputed abuse of power in which the full authority of the United States Government and the exceptional surveillance capability of our intelligence agencies were illegally used to defraud the FISA court and to spy on the Republican candidate for President and subsequently to launch an illegitimate investigation on the basis of fraudulent evidence prepared with the assistance of Russian intelligence assets to justify the opening of an investigation for the purposes of staging a seditious coup which would remove Donald Trump from office and negate the results of the 2016 election. What in the world is taking Mr. Durham so long?

The problem for the Democrats is that these claims are no longer conjecture or just political record but on the basis of the declassification of the documents that they fought so long to hide are undisputed facts. That has not stopped them from re-cycling this debunked narrative endlessly at their National Convention last week.

The Democrats and their handmaidens in the fake news media is so efficient in their use of the big lie technique in their relentless recycling of falsehoods even after their previous claims have been thoroughly disproven, I still get many emails and late-night phone calls accusing me of being a Russian traitor. Sometimes crazed lunatics I encounter in public start yelling this epitaph at the top of their lungs oblivious to the fact that members of my family were mowed down by Russian tanks in Budapest in 1956.

They need to give it a rest.

These are the words and opinions of Roger Stone, only edited by National File for formatting.

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Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative, speaker, pundit, and New York Times Bestselling Author featured in the Netflix documentary “Get me Roger Stone.” He served as a senior campaign aide to four Republican presidents including Nixon, Reagan and Donald J. Trump.

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