Rock Group 'Foster The People' Under Fire For Questioning Epstein Suicide Narrative


Band famous for song “Pumped Up Kicks” is being disparaged for tweets casting doubt on mainstream media reports that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.

There’s a new voice in the fight to reveal what truly happened to Jeffrey Epstein in his New York prison cell last week: American indie rock band Foster The People. The group responsible for the 2011 crossover hit “Pumped Up Kicks” has called the official story into question in a series of tweets on Sunday, claiming “the government” is involved in a cover-up to fake Epstein’s death using a body double.

“The problem with a case like this,” the band’s official account stated Sunday, “is that the public will forget about in a week [sic].” The band continued, “media will change headlines to another story and stop covering it. they already have. and it will be easily swept under the rug. just like the stephen paddock mass shooting.”

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The tweets have been castigated by left-wing outlets such as VICE for “peddling conspiracy theories,” despite the fact that Foster The People’s Twitter account has expressed enthusiastic support for left wing policy positions as recently as August 4.

From VICE:

Foster the People’s best-known song, 2010’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” was about gun violence, so it’s not a huge leap to see how they’d be up on the latest political happenings. What’s baffling isn’t that Foster the People were part of the chorus of Epstein death skeptics—which seemed to include virtually everyone on Twitter this weekend—but that they spent most of the following day defending their theory and lambasting anyone who made fun of them for sharing it in the first place.

The band has fired back, tweeting, “i find it strange that i’ve been chastised by reporters from NBC and other news outlets for my opinion. everything you guys have been reporting has been conjecture. if you want to be considered a respected authority of truth, do a better job. .”

Foster The People also addressed criticism that their recent tweet blitz was focusing on issues outside of the depth of a mainstream rock band: “more than ever artists need to speak up, because they’re not getting paid by sponsors or told how to spin a story by their bosses. rupert murdoch isn’t controlling their narrative. support your artists. support real journalism. fact check everything. do your own research.”

Despite the DEFCON-level damage control being enforced by major media corporations when it comes to policing the conspiracy theories about Epstein’s death, the idea that the official narrative should be at the very least called into question is garnering ever-increasing support from voices across all sides of the political spectrum.


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