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REVOLUTION: Australian Citizens Rise Up, Take To The Streets Against Vaccine Passports, COVID Tyranny


The Australian citizenry has taken to the streets of Melbourne in a massive revolt against COVID-19 tyranny, signifying the death rattle of the globalist agenda as the world watches an oppressed populace fight to regain their freedom in the Land Down Under.

A remarkable situation is currently unfolding in Melbourne, Australia, where thousands upon thousands of anti-COVID tyranny protestors have taken to the streets in a grand revolt against the government. Videos surfacing online reveal major clashes between citizens and mask-wearing riot gear-clad law enforcement officers, who are struggling to curb the restless crowd seeking to restore the freedoms they once had prior to the ruthless enforcement one of the most totalitarian COVID-19 pandemic responses the world has ever seen.

The protests come shortly after the government moved to shut down the construction industry for two weeks due to opposition to vaccination mandates. (READ MORE: Australian Government To Seize 24,000 Children, Vaccinate Them Without Parents Present In Massive Stadium)

BREAKING: Police Engage In Armed Standoff With Shotgun-Wielding Man At U.N. Headquarters

The Australian government has been the subject of widespread criticism and condemnation due to the policies instituted in the name of combating the coronavirus, of which have decimated the civil liberties of citizens across the country. (READ MORE: AUSTRALIA: Victorian Premier Says Lockdowns Are Not Enough, ‘We’re Going To Lock Out People Who Are Not Vaccinated’)

Dan Andrews, the premier for the Australian state of Victoria, drew ire when he recently stated that the country will move past simply keeping people “locked down” and start making sure that people who have not taken a COVID vaccine are “locked out” of normal life, reported National File.

Following the implementation of tyrannical state surveillance, lockdowns, forced vaccinations, mask rules, family separations, COVID-19 concentration camps, and nationwide 1984-style manhunts for mandate violators, the Australian government has never faced more pressure to revisit their approach, as huge crowds of Australian citizens stand before Parliament demanding immediate and drastic change. (READ MORE: ‘New World Order’ Trends On Twitter After Australian COVID Czar Describes Contract Tracing ‘In The New World Order’)

Meanwhile, lawyers in Australia are gearing up to take the legal fight to the Supreme Court against forced vaccinations, and are gaining ground as the process unfolds. In the meantime, the government faces the test of time as the world watches in suspense, wondering what steps the government will take next. Should the Australian people’s efforts bear fruit, it would certainly deal a major blow to the globalist agenda, as various western governments have echoed the the policies of Australia under the guise of fighting COVID-19. (READ MORE: VIDEO: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Airs Weird Satanic Scene During Botched Broadcast)

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