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REPORT: People Panic-Buying Ammunition Amid Coronavirus Scare


According to several reports, ammunition sales have soared in previous weeks amid coronavirus scares.

Food, water, toilet paper, and medical supplies have gripped headlines since the spread of the deadly covid-19 began grabbing international attention.

Now, ammunition supplies for civilians are being hit as the trend of panic-buying takes another market by storm.

One social media user snapped a pic of a depleted ammo shelf in Atlanta, Georgia.

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One tweeter replied: “We live in a society in which people are disconnected from their food. They don’t grow it, or know how to cook it. If infrastructure breaks down people without skills become desperate.

“What is the lesson?”

Another pseudonymous tweeter reported: “Apparently price spiking for ammo has already begun because coronavirus, since apparently we need 9mm training ammo to kill viruses.

“Case of ammo I bought last week for $182 shipped is now $250 today.”

The uptick in demand for ammo has prompted vendors to raise prices.

However, the spike appears to be in commonly used rounds. The social media user continued: “Strangely it doesn’t seem to be affecting JHPs or 5.56.

“Guess people are stocking FMJ 9mm because it’s all they shoot and they don’t know better.”

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According to another report, .40S&W sales more than quadrupled and .223 nearly doubled.

The jump in sales was met with criticism for American society. One commenter said: “That country is so broken. Never seen a country where it’s own inhabitants are so eager to murder their fellow citizens. Something deeply wrong with the USA.”

Yahoo Finance reported that registered a 68% jump in sales and a conversation rate increase of 45%.

The price of gold has also reportedly risen by over 5% in the past month.

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