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Report Claims LGBT Parents Suffer 'Homophobic' Abuse from Children During Lockdown


According to a Buzzfeed report, LGBT parents are suffering from “homophobic” and “transphobic” abuse from their children as families remain on lockdown amid the global pandemic.

As children and teenagers remain cooped up, their frustrations are acted out on their parents “lashing out” in a manifestly “homophobic” and “transphobic” manner.

A spokesperson for the LGBT charity, LGBT Foundation, explained that “They’re trapped in the house, cooped up, and haven’t got anyone to let their frustrations out on except their parents.”

Consequently, LGBT parents have begun to blame themselves for the continued abuse under lockdown, which the spokesperson, Rachel Ellis, signaled as “it’s something I’m seeing more and more in the past month.”

Other middle aged members of the LGBT community also reported discrimination during the global pandemic.

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Following the report of LGBT parents suffering abuse at the hands of their children, the article goes onto address other discrimination and hardships suffered by the community during various lockdowns disrupting the flow of daily life.

The article received a mixed reception on social media, as Buzzfeed posted “LGBT parents are suffering homophobic and transphobic abuse from their own children during the lockdown, a charity has revealed,” to Twitter.

Most of the comments picked apart their parental abilities in failing to instill discipline or respect. Others appeared to focus on marginalized groups demanding specific attention during a time of global crisis.

One Twitter user wrote, “I blame us, for not stopping them from becoming parents. Even straight (waiting for someone to implode) parents get abuse. We bought into that when we decided to have them – we were all children once. If the abuse is unfounded or un-PC, all you can do is blame the parents.”

“Imagine getting bullied by your own kid,” another person said.

A third joked, “Maybe they should have raised them to be more tolerant.”

A fourth remarked, “All parents are being abused by their own kids at the moment.”

Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me too much. Our schools have not been encouraged to be more tolerant and create more inclusive learning environments for all communities. School children have also been hostile and bullied the children of LGBTQ parents relentlessly. It is very sad,” another wrote.

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Early in the pandemic, Vice penned an article complaining about how gender reassignment surgeries had been postponed, thus arguing that essential, life-saving treatment had been denied to those in need–at a time when terminally ill cancer patients have reportedly had their treatment pushed back as medical services remain overwhelmed.

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