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PROBING THE CURVE: Chinese Experts Now Recommend Anal Swabs To Detect COVID


As the “science” around Covid-19 continues to evolve over the course of a year of debilitating lockdowns and mask ordinances, “experts” in China are now recommending anal swabs inserted rectally to detect traces of Covid as opposed to serum antibody tests and nasal and throat swabs.

Beijing disease specialist at You’an Hospital’s Li Tongzeng stated, “What we’ve found is that in some infected patients, the coronavirus survives for a longer period of time in their digestive tract or excrement than in their respiratory tract.” This digestive longevity leads Li and other experts to believe that anal swabs may be more effective.

Li added that while some people may be completely asymptomatic and show no trace of the virus in their respiratory system, residual traces of the virus could be unearthed in the anus.

Left-wing publication Newsweek reported on Tuesday that “According to guidelines published by China’s National Health Commission, anal swabs are to be administered 3 to 5 centimeters (1.2 to 2 inches) inside the rectum. The swab is to be rotated and removed before being securely placed inside a sample container.”

Chinese state-owned media outlet The Global Times expanded further on the idea in a piece titled “Beijing tests for COVID-19 using anal swabs, where virus may survive longer: experts.”

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According to the Global Times, a situation in which an entire school full of primary school students and staff were anally swabbed following a 9-year-old boy’s contraction of the virus has prompted multiple experts to “wonder if anal swabs could be more accurate in detecting the virus than other measures.”

As of yet, China is conducting anal swabs solely on detainees located in quarantine camps. Given the nation’s close relationship with the WHO, however, and the Biden administration’s servile eagerness to receive its marching orders from the WHO, critics have suggested that anal swabs could become a mandatory part of U.S. Covid testing within the year.

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