POWER MOVE: U.S. House Candidate Jarome Bell Promises to Support Freedom Caucus Over Kevin McCarthy For House Speaker


Jarome Bell, the America First candidate for the U.S. House in Virginia’s 2nd District, called out his “RINO” primary opponent Jen Kiggans, and her GOP establishment backers on the John Fredericks Radio Show when he called into the program and coaxed the establishment-friendly host into giving him an impromptu interview live on air. Bell drilled down on core issues like the crisis at the southern border, the unconstitutional treatment of January 6th demonstrators, and election audits.

While Fredericks has declared Kiggans, a State Senator who ran for office as a conservative before taking a sharp turn to the left, to be the “favorite” to win the GOP nomination, Bell told Fredericks from the get-go that he is the true front runner and the only America First conservative in the race. “I just want to let everyone know, Jen Kiggans is not the ‘favorite’ to win this election in 2022,” Bell told Fredericks. “Jen Kiggans is the establishment pick, that’s what she is. She’s another Scott Taylor, she can’t beat [Democrat incumbent]  Elaine Luria, and she’s even stated that she’s going to use Scott Taylor’s playbook to beat Elaine Luria,” Bell continued. “Well if that’s the case, she’s definitely a loser.”

Bell told Fredericks that he would gladly answer the questions that Kiggans danced around during her recent appearance on the show when, as previously reported by National File, the establishment-favorite affirmed that she believes Joe “Biden is the President” of the United States and won the 2020 election without fraud. Additionally, Kiggans told Fredericks that she would support the GOP establishment-backed effort to make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House if Republicans win back a majority of seats in 2022, and remained silent on the reports of abuse suffered by January 6th prisoners in Washington, D.C.

“I was listening to your show last week,” Bell said. “When you asked [Jen Kiggans] those questions about the election. Well, let me answer those questions for you since she could not answer those questions for you, and would not.” He added, “President Trump did in fact win the election… The election was stolen.”

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“I’m the only candidate that’s running in the 2nd District that’s going to come out and tell the truth about that and that’s going to tell you the truth about January 6th as well,” Bell continued. “January 6th was not an insurrection. No, it was not!”

Bell also made it clear that he would not support the establishment wing of the Republican Party if elected, including House leadership. Bell explained that he would support a House Freedom Caucus member to become the next Speaker of the House over current House Minority Leader and donor-class establishment pick Kevin McCarthy, should the Republicans retake the House in 2022, as many predict. “To hell with Kevin McCarthy!” Bell said. “Kevin McCarthy stabbed President Trump in the back.”

“We need to get rid of McCarthy, get rid of Liz Cheney, and all of the RINOs that are sitting in Congress right now, and never vote for another RINO in any election,” Bell said. “For the people of the 2nd District, if you want someone that’s not going to cave, that’s not going to back down, that’s not going to be canceled as part of this cancel culture, there’s only one choice for you to make for Congress in 2022 and that’s me, Jarome Bell.”

Following Bell’s hard-charging call into the program, an audibly irritated John Fredericks reaffirmed his belief in Kiggans as the “favorite” to win the GOP nomination, accusing Bell of “whining” while boasting that he believes Kiggans will raise more money than him, thanks to her establishment backing.

Claiming that he would “teach” Bell “how to do a radio interview,” Fredericks then agreed to ask Bell the same questions he asked Kiggans a week prior. Bell took advantage of the opportunity and continued, reaffirming his support of President Trump, safe and secure elections, border security, and the grassroots conservatism currently taking the Republican Party by storm in Virginia’s 2nd District.

Bell also told Fredericks that he stands completely and totally opposed to vaccine mandates and renewed masking regulations, telling the show host that the American people are “free to make our own choices.” He explained, “It’s our body our choice, as some Democrats would say, except when it comes to this,” Bell told Fredericks. “The clock is ticking,” Fredericks said towards the end of the interview. “Why are you a better candidate to beat Elaine Luria than Senator Jen Kiggans?”

“I’m a better candidate because I’m the only America First candidate on the ticket,” Bell said. “I’ve been endorsed by General Flynn, I’ve been endorsed by Tom Homan, I’ve been endorsed by Amanda Chase, just to name a few,” he added, “Congressman Gosar, Rand Paul, and the list is going to go on and on.”

“Because they understand that I’m the America first candidate, I’m going to protect the people of the 2nd District, I’m going to protect the people of America. I’m the one that can fight the Democrats. Jen Kiggans cannot go into the same arenas, cannot go into the same ballparks and talk to the same people that I can to win the votes that are needed to beat Elaine Luria and take the 2nd District back and turn the seat back red and I’m the fighter that the people need, John. That’s why I’m the best candidate.”

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Echoing the far-left Democrats and GOP establishment members who sought to censure Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase – accusing her of taking part in a “failed coup d’etat” – after she attended President Trump’s January 6th speech against election fraud, Fredericks bashed Bell for touting the conservative icon’s endorsement before wrapping up the interview. “Alright well I’m not sure that I’d be touting the endorsement from Amanda Chase,” Fredericks said. “I think that’s going to cost you votes but that’s just me.”

Notably, when radical Democrats and the GOP establishment moved to censure Chase, Kiggans abstained from the vote. Kiggans also sided with the far-left when she voted to strip Chase of her only Senate committee assignment as punishment for attendance of Trump’s speech.

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