POMPEO: 'There Will Be A Smooth Transition To A Second Trump Administration'


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, when taking questions from the media Tuesday morning, quipped that there would be a “peaceful transition of power to the second Trump Administration” after being harangued by a reporter about the media’s premature declaration of victory for Joe Biden.

“Is the State Department currently planning to engage with the Biden transition team, and if not, and if not, at what point does it delay hamper a smooth transition, or pose a risk to national security?” a masked reporter snidely remarked.

Pompeo’s eyes sparkled as he retorted, “There will be a smooth transition of to a second Trump administration. Right, we’re ready.”

“The world is watching what’s taking place here, we’re gonna count all the votes, when the process is complete there will be electors selected, there’s a process, the Constitution lays it out pretty clearly,” the Secretary of State added.

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Pompeo’s remarks have generated mass outrage among the corporate media class Tuesday, many of whom have have spent the first part of the afternoon seething on Twitter over what appeared to be an obvious tongue-in-cheek statement.

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Similarly, Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) curtly told a CBS reporter “No” when asked if he had “congratulated” Vice President Biden.

“Why not?” the female journalist demanded, to which Johnson replied, “Nothing to congratulate him about.”

When the reporter tried her luck again by asking Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) if it was “time to acknowledge that President-elect Biden has won the election,” she was promptly ignored.

Though the corporate media has called the election for Biden, the job of declaring who is ultimately elected President does not actually lie with journalists, but rather with state electors.

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