Navy DENIES Top Naval Officer's Religious Exemption Request As Navy Forms Punishment Squad to Target Vaccine Resisters


NATIONAL FILE has confirmed that an Admiral has formally denied a top Naval officer’s religious exemption request for the Coronavirus vaccine, making it clear that the Navy is willing to disenfranchise even its top people as the Biden regime mandates vaccination for servicemembers. The officer was told that the Navy has a “compelling interest” in ignoring the officer’s religious beliefs.

Department of the Navy guidelines on accommodating religious practices state: “Immunizations. The Navy requires immunizations for all Sailors, based on its compelling interest in mission accomplishment, including military readiness, unit cohesion, good order, discipline, health and safety. Local commanders should make a reasonable effort to acquire alternative vaccinations, when available, that meet both religious needs of Sailors and the Navy’s immunization requirements as determined by BUMED. Refer to MILPERSMAN 1730-020 as needed. Medical waivers of immunization requirements not associated with religious belief will continue to be adjudicated by the health care provider as addressed in reference (d).”

As NATIONAL FILE exclusively reported, the United States Navy is forming a new disciplinary squad to punish vaccine resisters, according to an unclassified NAVADMIN memo. The Navy policy document from Washington, D.C. states that a new “central authority” called the COVID Consolidated Disposition Authority (CCDA) will be the arbiter of punishing unvaccinated military members. The document states that the CCDA will “serve as the central authority for adjudication and will have at his or her disposal the full range of administrative and disciplinary actions.” Patriotic military heroes are outraged by the Biden regime’s actions. “Lastly, in paragraph 3.e.(5), the Navy is establishing some sort of gestapo COVID squad called the CCDA who will be in charge of doling out our punishments and determining our ultimate fate. Their guidance will be released in a “later” instruction,” a top U.S. Naval officer tells NATIONAL FILE. One of the punishments listed is “administrative separation” for a vaccine-refusing military member.

For Navy service members who remain unvaccinated, and who have or 
are expected to exceed the time requirements of paragraph 3.b, their ultimate 
disposition will be determined by the designated COVID Consolidated 
Disposition Authority (CCDA).  The CCDA will serve as the central authority 
for adjudication and will have at his or her disposal the full range of 
administrative and disciplinary actions.  Until further notice, authority is 
withheld for initiating non- judicial punishment, courts-martial, or 
administrative separation in cases of Navy Service Members refusing the 
vaccine. The assigned CCDA and specific required reporting procedures and 
information will be promulgated via separate message.
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