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Nancy Pelosi Accused Of Being Drunk After Slurred Speech, Weird Outbursts During Press Conference


Conservatives are accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of being under the influence on Twitter after she exhibited strange behavior during a press conference.

A video clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a press conference has left many online questioning whether or not she was sober at the time. In the video, Pelosi stutters, giggles, randomly says “hi” to someone, and puts her mask on upside down before walking away from the podium in an exhibition of strange behavior that has been making rounds on the internet.

“And that’s why I said that. Yeah, [inaudible],” Pelosi says as she strangely grins at the audience erratically nodding her head and giggling. “Thank you all very much.” (READ MORE: Nancy Pelosi Connected To Criminal Trial For Pelosi Jr. Associate Who Was Busted In A Trump Building)

“It’s going to be a very eventful day,” Pelosi continued as she quickly turns her head to the right of the crowd, raising her eyebrows. “Perhaps I will see you along the way. Hi! So [inaudible] see you along the way. Think positively, okay?”

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Pelosi then put her mask on over her eyes, quickly realizing that it is fashioned upside down. “It goes this way,” Pelosi told herself as she readjusts it just before walking away from the podium. (READ MORE: Criminal Fraud Trial Against Paul Pelosi Jr. Associate Moves Into Discovery Phase)

Users online noticed the strange behavior and were quick to suggest that the House Speaker was under the influence. “Umm Xanax and Valium?” tweeted one user. “I wanna say drugs,” tweeted another. “Pelosi is drunk on the job again,” tweeted a third user.

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