METAPHOR? Joe Biden And His Wife Fail To Pop Confetti On Live TV, Wind Up Breaking It


In an awkward clip quickly going viral on Twitter, Joe Biden and his wife Jill join a news broadcast celebrating the new year. Jill quickly attempts to pop a small confetti device, and almost immediately fails, before ultimately breaking it in half.

“Happy New Year,” said Jill. “Keep the faith,” said Joe.

She then began twisting the confetti popper repeatedly, as a seemingly nervous Joe braces for a confetti blast when she successfully deploys the festive confetti explosion. The news presenter urged, “Get it, get it! Pop it! Here it comes!”

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Ultimately, Jill failed to secure the confetti blast, and instead broke the device in half. Confetti fell to the floor, unceremoniously.

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As the Bidens awkwardly laughed and shrugged, the news presenter joined the shrug. “They never work right. Here’s to better luck in the new year.”

“Oh well,” Jill added.

Numerous Twitter users mocked the failed New Year’s Eve stunt.

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According to media claims and official counts alleged by many to be false, Biden secured over 80 million votes on November 3. This number is far more than that of his former boss, President Barack H. Obama.

National File recently reported the claims made by a whistleblower in Texas, who claims that an individual working for the Biden campaign created a world class voter fraud operation.

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