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LONDON: New Acid Attack Capital of Europe


London is breaking records left, right, and center: its knife crime is seemingly out of control, Female Genital Manipulation cases in the thousands with less prosecutions than Burkina Faso, and violent crime on the rise across the board.

Now, London has become the vitriolage capital of the Western World.

Acid attacks–although claimed to have always been a part of life in London–have risen tremendously in recent years.

The reports:

According to figures obtained by the UK’s ‘Evening Standard’ following a freedom of information request to London’s Met Police revealed that in 2012 there were 66 acid attacks, with that figure rising to 752 in 2018.

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17 of these acid attacks in 2018 were against children under the age of 10. One child who was left with life changing injuries from acid being thrown on him was a two-year-old boy who was attacked while in his pram for a walk with his parents near their Islington home.

Muggers have begun to use acid as their weapon of choice.

Gangs of youths have also begun to use acid to disfigure and maim their rivals.

A woman who was a bystander in an acid attack, died last year after complications from her burns.

Breitbart mentions:

Such attacks include two that occurred on the same day between Christmas 2018 and New Year, when two men were injured in acid attacks in separate incidents, one in Hackney and the other in Tower Hamlets. In June 2019, attackers disguised in burqas threw acid at people in Walthamstow in the Borough of Waltham Forest, which is number seven in the top-ten list of attacks by borough.

While in April 2018, John Tomlin was jailed for 16 years for throwing acid at cousins Resham Khan and Jameel Muhktar as they travelled in a car in east London after celebrating Resham’s 21st birthday.

In addition to acid attacks among other forms of street violence plaguing the capital on a daily basis, native Londoners appear to be leaving the capital in droves.

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