LIMBAUGH: Lindsey Graham Never Wanted To Help Trump's Goals, Only To Make Him Act 'More Like A Washingtonian'


While returning to the radio for the first time in the New Year for his Friday broadcast, Rush Limbaugh answered questions from a caller about the four year performance of Sen. Lindsey Graham, wherein the South Carolina senator attempted to ingratiate himself with President Donald Trump and his base, while actually attempting to coo President Trump into moderating his personality.

Limbaugh explained that, in Graham’s mind, helping President Trump did not mean subpoenaing the Obama administration holdovers and Democrats who inspired the Russia hoax. Instead, according to Limbaugh, Graham’s version of helping the President involved warming up to Democrats like Sen. Chuck Schumer.

“What Lindsey Graham means is he tried to get Trump to tone it down. He tried to get Trump to behave according to Washington norms,” said Limbaugh. “He tried to rein Trump in and get Trump to behave more like a Washingtonian, but he just couldn’t do it. He gave it everything he’s got. He wasn’t talking about helping Trump defeat his enemies.”

As the caller remained confused by Limbaugh’s response, he noted that Graham does not operate like a normal American, and believed his best way to help the President was to gain favor with Schumer and other Democrats.

“I mean, if you want a career in Washington, if you want a career in the Washington political class, you will divorce yourself from MAGA. You will divorce yourself from Trump,” said Limbaugh. The caller remained confused.

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Limbaugh explained, “When [Graham] says that [he tried to help Trump], he’s talking to Schumer, he’s talking to the Democrats, he’s talking to the media, ‘Hey, look. I tried to help. I tried to get this guy reined in. I tried to make him more like us, and I really thought I was succeeding, but it didn’t work.’”

Limbaugh also noted that his listeners should expect the Republican Party to fully abandon President Trump and his goal of ensuring election integrity in future elections.

“And guess what? It isn’t gonna happen. And you’re gonna be deflated and disappointed yet again in the people you’ve been trusting. That’s exactly what they want.”

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