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Leftist Journalist Tweets About Desire to Attack Michael Gove


Andy Dawson, a leftist journalist, has tweeted about his desire to attack Conservative minister Michael Gove in front of his children.

Dawson responded to a tweet by Sarah Vine, the wife of Michael Gove, about the abuse that Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s senior advisor was receiving outside his home. “As someone who has been followed and insulted in the street in front of my own children, I would say that this is a classic example of what happens when a Twitter mob spills into real life,” Vine tweeted.

Dawson, an avowed leftist journalist with writings in The Guardian and The Mirror, laid into Vine and her husband Gove. “Hey you – I see your c*nt of a husban is lying through his f*cking teeth all over the TV this morning,” Dawson wrote. “I’d pay hard cash to chase the f*cker down the street and boot him in the balls, and DEFINITELY in front of your kids cos [sic] they need to know what a rank sh*thouse their dad is,” he continued.

Shortly after the tweet started receiving attention, Dawson went on a tirade in the replies, lambasting anyone who dared to criticise his violent comments, and claiming that the death toll from the coronavirus gave him free reign to say what he wanted:

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F*cking state of some of the replies to this. I’m only imagining booting Gove up the brack in front of his kids – it’s not like I’m gaslighting the nation… Listen, we’re in a grotesque period of history. AT LEAST 50,000 people have died from this thing. FIFTY F*CKING THOUSAND PEOPLE. DEAD. And if you think the usual rules apply when it comes to addressing shameless gaslighting lying c*nts like Gove, you’re f*cking deranged… This is a global disaster. Death and despair everywhere with more to come and life as we knew it probably gone forever. So forgive me for losing my sh*t when c*nts like Gove smirk as they lie through their f*cking teeth solely to shore up their own political position.

Dawson then proceeded to private his account.

After having the tweet drawn to her attention, Vine called attention to the hypocrisy of the current political climate when it comes to addressing violent threats against conservatives. “Of course there are never consequences,” she said. “This is the reality we live in. The Left can say and do what they want; those who dedicate their lives and sanity to public service are reviled and persecuted. It’s just what this country has become now.”

Earlier this month, Gove and Vine came under fire for having a politically diverse bookshelf, including works such as The Bell Curve, a comprehensive study of human intelligence that is often criticised for claiming both inherited and environmental factors influence IQ.

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