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Laura Ingraham Slams Blackface Northam For Refusing to Reopen Virginia


Fox News host Laura Ingraham slammed Virginia Governor Ralph Northam on Twitter, drawing attention to the Democrat’s highly politicized response to coronavirus. 

Northam, who was exposed by National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley for wearing either blackface or Ku Klux Klan robes in a medical school yearbook, has vowed not to cooperate with President Trump’s plans to begin reopening the nation starting next month, telling Virginians in his Wednesday address to the Commonwealth that Executive Order Fifty-Five, which enacted a statewide stay at home order expiring June 10th, will remain in effect and may be extended even further, prohibiting many businesses deemed “non-essential” by the state government from opening. 

Northam has even gone as far as to postpone the state’s June 9th primary elections, in which voters will select a challenger to Democrat Senator Mark Warner, who was at the center of efforts to remove President Trump from office based on debunked Russian collusion conspiracy theories. 

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“Governor Northam is in the process of ‘flattening’ the livelihoods and dreams of millions of Virginians. When will residents protest and reclaim their freedom?” Ingraham posted to Twitter, referencing the “flatten the curve” line Americans have heard repeatedly from politicians and so-called experts insisting they continue being forced to sacrifice, despite revelations that nearly all the projections and models they’ve cited were wrong. 

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Ingraham continued to call out Governor Northam in a series of tweets exposing the faulty science Northam has cited, and telling not just Virginians, but all Americans, to be on the lookout for “moving goal posts, lots of talk about a ‘new normal,’ deceptive models, as our leaders slowly allow us to sink toward economic oblivion,” a concern many have expressed as American’s constitutional rights have been suppressed and families have been brought to the brink of destruction as jobs and economic gains continue to evaporate. 

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Ingraham then tweeted the Governor directly, asking him “which Virginia hospitals were overrun by COVID patients,” and whether or not any models actually show that they will be. “Hint: none and no,” Ingraham responded to the rhetorical question. “Virginia’s COVID numbers? Look for yourself – 25 deaths per MILLION,” she posted.

“Northam could easily reopen today with some temp. new protocols in place,” she wrote before citing the total number of Coronavirus cases nationwide – 678,210 in a nation of over 300 million.

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