Jimmy Kimmel Shamelessly Says 'Russian Disruptors' Might Be Sparking Gamestop Revolution


ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel shamelessly said that “maybe even some Russian disruptors” might be part of the r/wallstreetbets Reddit community driving up the price of GameStop stock.

Instead of standing unconditionally with the populist retail investor-driven GameStop Revolution, which is short-squeezing the Melvin Capital hedge fund out of billions of dollars, Kimmel toyed with a cynical conspiracy theory to subtly discredit the movement. ABC is owned by Disney, and Kimmel broadcasts from a studio on Hollywood Boulevard that for decades served as the Hollywood Freemasonic Temple. It’s clear that Kimmel’s allegiance is to the globalist establishment that is panicking at the prospect of regular people buying stock in impactful ways. Does Kimmel’s shamelessness know no bounds?

Kimmel came to prominence as co-host of Comedy Central’s The Man Show with his much funnier counterpart Adam Carolla. Since taking the reigns of ABC’s late-night venture in 2003, Kimmel has consistently shilled for globalist political objectives — namely, by constantly attacking populist President Donald Trump.

Kimmel has a history of wearing blackface for unfunny comedy, undercutting any moral credibility that he pretends to have.

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Kimmel’s shtick wore thin with patriotic Americans years ago. In 2020, Kimmel hosted a “virtual” Coronavirus-era Emmys ceremony that yielded the awards show’s lowest-ever ratings, losing 25 percent of the event’s advertiser-coveted demographic audience. Kimmel responded to the shameful distinction by saying, “I hosted the virtual Emmys last night. They’re saying it was the highest rated Emmys ever. Oh, the lowest. Alright, well, we set a record. Let’s just say that.”


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