Jenna Ellis Endorses Mark Finchem For Arizona Secretary of State: If Not For Finchem, 'We Would Not Have The Arizona Audit'


Jenna Ellis, the former lawyer for President Donald Trump who now hosts a popular show for the Salem Podcast Network, endorsed Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem in his bid to become the next Arizona Secretary of State.

Ellis noted that Finchem’s push for an early hearing on the 2020 election in Arizona was instrumental in the effort to conduct the Arizona Audit, which despite Maricopa County officials still refusing to cooperate with subpoenas, is expected to be completed this month.

“I endorse [Mark Finchem] for Arizona Secretary of State,” wrote Ellis on Twitter. “He led as one of the select few people who was willing to seek truth during the Nov 2020 election hearings. If we didn’t have the AZ hearing thanks to Mark and his colleagues, we would not have the Arizona Audit today!”

Finchem is credited with organizing the 2020 election hearing in Arizona, which featured President Trump’s legal team – including Ellis and Rudy Giuliani – and various experts providing testimony about credible reports of widespread voter fraud that occurred during the election.

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More recently, Finchem has championed the Arizona Audit, and has told the Biden regime to stay out of the state. In July, Finchem warned that Attorney General Merrick Garland is “going to walk into a very surprising reception if you try to do anything in this state” to interfere with the legislature’s handling of elections, and said that the Biden regime’s repeated saber rattling over the audit “provides more steel to the spine. I do not see us backing down to the least.”

This marks the second major endorsement for Finchem this month after he secured an endorsement from Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) last week. “Our country, and our state, need strong leaders. Proven fighters. Men and women with principles, and the will to fight for those principles,” wrote Gosar on Twitter. “Mark Finchem is such a man. A veteran warrior in the political battlefield of today, @RealMarkFinchem has proven his word is good.” In a second tweet, Gosar added, “His talk is straight. He is the type of leader we need and I support him without hesitation to be our next Secretary of State in Arizona.”

Finchem seeks to replace Democrat Katie Hobbes, who is now running for governor, and participated in what Democrats describe as an effort to “fortify” the 2020 election.

An earlier version of this story misstated details about Ellis’s popular show on the Salem Podcast Network. It has been updated.

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