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In Threat to Recent Moves to Peace, Iran Arms Hamas With Long-Range Missiles


According to a documentary “What is Hidden is Greater,” that aired on Al Jazeera, Iran is arming the Islamofascist terror group Hamas with sophisticated long-range missile launching systems that directly threaten the national security of Israel and all Western assets in the region.

Tehran is supplying the Gaza-based Sunni terrorist group with Fajr-5 long-range missile launching systems along with Kornet anti-tank guided missiles, according to Abu Ibrahim, chief of weapons production for Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades.

The al-Qassam Brigades is the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas organization. It is officially designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, The EU, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

“The weapons came to us, by land and by sea, from hundreds and thousands of kilometers away,” Ibrahim said. “Various types of weapons have arrived to Gaza from Iran. Gaza’s resistance fighters were in dire need of these weapons, such as the Kornet and Fajr missiles, and many other types of modern weapons, which are still very much in use on the battlefield. Other countries, like Syria and Sudan, have also played a role in arming the resistance.”

This information comes as Hamas and Hezbollah, both funded in-part by Iran, along with other Iranian-backed terror groups scheme to wage war against Israel.

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In September of this year, the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah met in Beirut, Lebanon, and announced the creation of an “axis of resistance.” This alliance’s main purpose would be to intensify the ongoing Islamofascist war of terror against Israel.

Iran’s terror financing is well documented. The US State Department describes Iranian regime as the “world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism.”

Even as the State Department recognized this reality, the Obama-Biden Iranian nuclear deal gave Iran access to billions in frozen funds, allowing the free flow of financing to Hamas, Hezbollah (which is an arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) and other Islamofascist terror groups in the region.

The Trump administration withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal in 2015 and placed tough sanctions on Tehran, restricting – but not eliminating – the regime’s capability to finance terror groups.

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