RUDY GIULIANI: 'We're Not Finished, Believe Me'


Attorney Rudy Giuliani said the Supreme Court made a “terrible, terrible mistake” by refusing to hear the Texas election fraud lawsuit tonight on Newsmax, adding that evidence of widespread voter fraud “will remain an open sore in our history” if left unaddressed.

Giuliani noted that the Supreme Court decision “wasn’t rejected the on merits, the case was rejected on standing.”

“So, the answer to that is to bring the case now in the District Court, by the President, by some of the electors, alleging the same facts, where there would be standing, and therefore, get a hearing.”

Because the worst part of this is, basically, the courts are saying they want to stay out of this and they don’t want to give us a hearing. They don’t want the American people to hear these facts, and I think that’s a terrible, terrible mistake,” said Giuliani.

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Following the Supreme Court decision, Giuliani made it clear that he believes that President Donald Trump still has legal paths to victory.

Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward announced on Friday that they have just submitted their case to the Supreme Court regarding alleged election fraud in their own state. Crucially, this would not run into the same issue as the Texas lawsuit, which was only initially struck down based on a technicality. The decision did not rule on any of the actual facts at hand, and further lawsuits based within one state would still apply.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday took up a case from President Trump’s legal team, which seeks to have hundreds of thousands of ballots in Dane and Milwaukee Counties thrown out. “During the recount in Dane and Milwaukee counties, we know with absolute certainty illegal ballots have unduly influenced the state’s election result,” said Jim Troupis, counsel to the Trump campaign.

State legislatures can also still take control of their Electoral College votes if they so choose, as the Constitutional power to do so still remains with them.”

“We’re not finished, believe me,” said Giuliani.

The Trump Legal Team plans to continue their legal efforts to fight for election integrity in the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, by using arguments based on a dissent from the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the 2000 Bush v. Gore case, in which she said the date of ‘ultimate significance’ is on January 6, when the legislature counts and officially certifies electoral votes.

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