FOX BUSINESS: Democrats Fleeing Blue States May 'Shake Up Demographics', Make Red States Purple


Fox Business has admitted that the overwhelming push from governors of Republican states to recruit new residents and existing businesses from Democrat states make “shake up demographics” and make it impossible for Republicans to win elections in the future.

The stunning admission from Fox Business acknowledges that the people and businesses fleeing states like California and New York will likely bring their politics with them, ultimately resulting in a large number of blue states, a large number of “purple” states, and a small minority of red states where Republicans expect to have easy victories.

“States like Texas and Florida are seeing an influx of Democrats looking for more affordable, tax-friendly costs of living, turning these once Republican-strongholds into purple toss-up states,” Fox Business reported. “Even before 2020, demographics in the sunbelt began to tilt driven by favorable financial perks and economic incentives that conservative states have to offer.”

Fox Business notes that this “great migration” is largely being driven by corporations who are moving to states like Texas to secure better tax breaks, but are bringing their anti-Trump, anti-America First politics with them.

“In California, some of Silicon Valley’s major players are escaping the nation’s highest income tax rate, 13.3% for Texas, where businesses on average can save 32% of their operating costs. After Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced its headquarters would relocate from San Jose, California to Houston, Texas, Oracle, Oracle followed suit moving its base from Redwood City, California to Austin, Texas.”

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This led Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who refused to stand up for election integrity and offered a flagrantly wrong understanding of the Constitution to his constituents and the media, to acknowledge that “Texas is no longer a reliably red state.”

It remains unclear if Republican leadership in red states will realize that their attempts to court businesses and residents from other states may soon leave them without a job in politics, as Democrats slowly take over states like Texas and Florida, and enact the same policies that led them to flee.

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