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Four 'Teens' Try to Rob Pizza Delivery Man With Fake Gun, He Shoots Three With Real Gun


A pizza delivery driver in Charlotte, North Carolina is being hailed as a hero after using his own handgun to turn the tables on four would-be attackers, who have been described euphemistically as ‘teens’ in local media.

The deliveryman was working at night, making drop-offs at an east Charlotte apartment complex on Magnolia Hill Drive when he was accosted by four suspects wielding what looked like a semi-automatic rifle.

The gun was later identified as a toy.

Police said the driver drew his own weapon and opened fire, scoring hits on three of the four assailants.

The suspects fled, and were later identified by local police after the delivery driver called 911.

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Three suspects were apprehended at a laundromat, two of them suffering from gunshot wounds.

The fourth suspect was dropped off at a local hospital after being shot in the chest.

Two of the assailants’ names were released by WSOCTV:

Police said 18-year-old Toybyus Banks is still being treated for a gunshot wound in the hospital, but when he is released, he will be served with warrants for robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Nemiah McInnis, 20, was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon after he was released from the hospital. CMPD said McInnis has several previous charges for motor vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, larceny from motor vehicle and a “history” of resisting police.

Charlotte has been plagued recently by a wave of violent and robberies targeting pizza chains and their drivers, but the pizza delivery driver’s quick reflexes and steady trigger finger ensured he was not about to become another hapless victim who let their guard down around the wrong people.

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