Florida Woman Buys Baby Bouncer, Gets Loaded Semi-Automatic Rifle Instead


A Florida woman was shocked after buying a baby bouncer from Goodwill to find that there was a load semi-automatic rifle inside the packaging–a pleasant holiday surprise.

The baby bouncer was intended to be a gift for a baby shower, but caused confusion when the father-to-be unearthed the rifle from the packaging.

Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez told the Northwest Florida Daily News that she and her husband stopped by the store in Valparaiso, Florida, last Sunday as they were on their way to a friend’s baby shower.

She stumbled upon a Baby Einstein’s baby bouncer that looked to be unopened and brand new for the reasonable price of $9.99.

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After purchasing what they thought was the gift, the couple went onto the shower in Crestview.

Alvarez-Rodriguez said the father-to-be was very excited when he opened the box.

He shouted, “You guys got me a gun!” Alvarez-Rodriguez said.

Alvarez-Rodriguez and her husband were horrified at the revelation.

The gun, a Mossberg 715T semi-automatic rifle, was loaded with live ammunition–under other circumstances would give sufficient bang for the couple’s buck.

After the initial incident, the Crestview Police Department were called to investigate.

An officer came to the shower and checked the couple’s IDs to make to ensure they were not convicted felons, according to Maj. Andrew Schneider, public information officer for the Crestview PD, as reported by Northwest Florida Daily News.

The police asked the father-to-be to turn in his surprise gift the following day.

The Crestview Police Department says that the case remains under investigation, as they are unsure as to how the rifle managed to find its way into the unopened box.

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‘’Goodwill has the best treasures for $9.99,” Alvarez-Rodriguez remarked.


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