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Florida Counts Woman Who Died After Breaking Hip As COVID-19 Death


The Broward County, Florida medical examiner has counted the case of an 85-year-old woman who fell and broke her hip, then later passed away days after undergoing surgery to repair her hip, as a COVID-19 death, despite the fact that the woman displayed no symptoms other than her failure to breathe during surgery.

Using information obtained from a public records request, Reopen Florida activists have compiled a list of 90 questionable COVID-19 deaths listed by Broward County Medical Examiner Dr. Craig Mallack as of July 23, including one elderly patient who died days after undergoing surgery after she broke her hip in a fall.

According to the incident report listed by the medical examiner, on March 15, the 85-year-old woman “misjudged the chair she was about to sit in” while visiting her son’s home and “fell on the tile floor.” She was later “admitted to the hospital with a fractured left hip.”

At this point, there is no indication the octogenarian was experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. During surgery, however, the elderly woman “went into respiratory distress during the surgery.” However, the woman made it through the surgery, and lived for another 7 days until she passed away on March 22.

Despite no other symptoms of COVID-19 being present, “due to the respiratory failure hospital doctors tested for COVID-19.” Days after she passed away, “the positive COVID-19 test was returned on” March 30.

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The report lists no other known symptoms of COVID-19 before the 85-year-old’s death, but the official cause of death is listed as “COVID-19 infection complicated by arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, a history of lung cancer, diabetes, and a left hip fracture.”

There are at least three other examples of questionable COVID-19 deaths in Broward County, including an 82-year-old woman who died due to heart trouble after having a pacemaker installed, an 82-year-old woman who died at home after only reporting a cough and no other COVID-19 symptoms, and a 57-year-old man who suffered from kidney disease, heart disease, and diabetes before he died immediately following a heart attack. All were counted as COVID-19 deaths.

Of the 708 COVID-19 deaths reported in Broward County, Reopen Florida activists say “90 of those cases, by the words of the actual document, are not caused by COVID,” that “125 of the 708 cases are not clear in the cause of death,” and “9 of the 708 cases show testing that is not conclusive.”

Reopen Florida activists also explained to National File that Florida’s COVID-19 reporting does not appear to be in line with CDC guidelines, which stress that COVID-19 deaths must only be counted if the disease is the primary cause of death, not simply present when the individual passed away. The CDC guidance was last updated in April.

These latest findings come after Reopen Florida activists discovered another 78 suspicious COVID-19 deaths, including one man who died of “gunshot wound of head,” in nearby Palm Beach County.

National File reported:

Reopen Florida activists claim that while reading Florida’s own publicly available COVID-19 information, they discovered that one man included in the total list of COVID-19 deaths is registered to have died from “gunshot wound of head.”

The activists also discovered that dozens of deaths “had no Covid-19 complications at all” or “even a contributing cause of death.”

Florida officials also recently admitted to counting the death of a man who died in a motorcycle accident as a COVID-19 death, with the official suggesting that, perhaps, the motorcyclist was impaired due to the illness and crashed as a result.

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Earlier, Florida media busted several COVID-19 labs for publishing fraudulent COVID-19 testing results, with one lab claiming 98% of tests were positive admitting the actual number was only 9.8%.

National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley recently spoke with Reopen Florida activist Chris Nelson about the Broward County laws mandating citizens wear masks and social distance inside their own homes.

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