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Feminist Group Defends Trans Woman Who Beat Woman For Calling Her a 'Man'


A feminist group echoing the #MeToo movement and defending women in Peru has voiced their support, in a tweet, for a trans woman who beat a woman for calling her a man.

A lawyer was struck by Fiorella Cava, the ex-singer for a popular local 80’s band JAS, after allegedly calling Cava a man. Cava was previously known as Sergio Vinicio prior to transitioning to become a woman.

The assault took place in Miraflores during a protest outside a performance.

Cava wasn’t taking part in the protest when the altercation occurred, but passing by according to local reports.

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The tweet from #MeToo Peru writes: “We want to express our support for Fiorella Cava (Ex-singer of Peruvian band, JAS) who was a victim of the vilest transphobia when she was on her way to be part of a performance of ‘The Rapist in Your Path'”

#MeToo Peru continues: “After being a victim of verbal aggression–‘anti-rights’ people denying her gender identity–she defended herself in the way she did [by striking the verbal aggressor]. On this platform we don’t defend any form of aggression. However, in this case we recognize it to be in self-defense.”

In the following tweet on the thread, #MeToo Peru later discovers that those responsible for the verbal aggression were a radical feminist group. They go onto denounce their actions.

According to the #MeToo Peru Twitter Bio, they describe themselves as a platform which “compiles reports of violence against women and diverse groups. If you wish to report [an act of violence], please send us a DM and we will publicize your report.”

#MeToo Peru finished off their statement by proclaiming that feminism had to be intersectional or it can’t be feminism at all.


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