FARAGE: Back Sanders for Four More Years of Trump


Speaking at CPAC, Nigel Farage told the crowds that they should hope Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination so President Trump will win again.

Speaking to the crowds, Farage said that one of the key things that ensured Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has picked the right policies and was able to win the election in December last year, was the fact that Jeremy Corbyn led the Labour Party since 2015.

“The British Labour Party has been completely hijacked by hard left unpatriotic socialism,” Farage said. “The further left they go, the more extreme they become, but they less appealing they are to people in middle England. Corbyn was a huge contributory factor to Brexit getting down and Boris winning his majority,” he added.

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Farage asked the crowds what they thought of Bernie Sanders, the self-avowed “democratic socialist,” and the room erupted into boos. However, rather than agreeing, Farage told them they were wrong:

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You should be backing Sanders, campaigning for Sanders, donating money to Sanders, and making sure that Sanders gets that nomination! You need a Democrat party that is far left and anti-American as they can be, because when that happens in November, not only will you get 4 more years of President trump, but I think with Bernie you won’t just get Trump, but you can retake the House too!

In 2016, the impossible happened when the British people voted for Brexit, and then “the totally unimaginable” followed a few months later with Trump’s election, Farage explained. “That was 2016 and now in 2020 we’ve delivered brexit and omens great for Trump,” he added. He said that if conservatives want success in the “battle that he is engaged upon,” they shouldn’t just “agree in conference halls with him tomorrow, but commit in actively getting involved in making this happen.”

President Trump winning a second term isn’t just about the prosperity and success that he has created in the country, but represents something bigger, Farage said. “If he wins a second term in a world that has just had Brexit… [then] by the end of this decade, we can end this globalist project and bring back the nation state,” he continued. “With four more years of Trump, we can complete the job,” Farage finished.

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