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EXPOSED: Arizona Senator Accused Of Child Sex Crimes Has History Of Campaigning Around Teens, Young Children


Arizona State Senator Tony Navarrete, an openly gay Democrat and founding member of Arizona’s LGBTQ Caucus, has been arrested and accused of inappropriate sexual contact with a child over an alleged sexual incident with a minor in 2019. Phoenix Police have confirmed that Navarrete, widely considered a “rising star” within the Arizona Democrat Party, is facing multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor, among other charges.

National File has now learned that in 2019, Navarrete was deeply involved in the educational sector, and has worked with children, young teens, and has even “worked closely” with the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

As previously reported by National File, Democrat State Senator Tony Navarrete “was arrested on Thursday, Aug. 5, and charged with multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor among other charges.” According to a Phoenix Police Department Media Advisory, a juvenile and other witnesses have been interviewed. The advisory states that the name of the suspect, widely presumed to be Navarrete, will be released when the booking process is complete.

On Tony Navarrete’s Facebook account, it is revealed that throughout the year of 2019, Navarrete had been deeply involved in the educational sector and local school districts. Navarette is seen in multiple photos alongside children in elementary school, middle school, high school, and has “worked closely” with the Arizona Department of Child Safety and the DACA program.

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Tony Navarrete pictured alongside young children at Isaac Middle School in 2019- Source: Facebook
Tony Navarrete alongside more children in a post dated in August of 2019 – Source: Facebook

In September of 2019, Navarrete made an appearance at Carl Hayden Community High School to “visit my alma mater to discuss the importance of voting.” In the post, he is photographed alongside a group of young cheerleaders.

Tony Navarrete post indicating that he went to Carl Hayden Community High School in September 2019 – Source: Facebook
Tony Navarrete at Carl Hayden Community High School in 2019 alongside a group of young cheerleaders – Source: Facebook

In September 2019, Navarrete shared images of him alongside the director of the Arizona Department of Child Safety Director Mike Faust and “DCS Legislative Liaison Ms. Curtis.” Navarrete added that he was “looking forward to working closely with the department and the families served to assure the best care for our kids.”

Tony Navarrete alongside the director of the Arizona Department of Child Safety Director Mike Faust and “DCS Legislative Liaison Ms. Curtis – Source: Facebook


In these next photos, Navarrete can be seen again, alongside a group of young children involved with the DACA program. “Thankful to the leaders who continue to be on the frontlines fighting to protect immigrant families and #Dreamers,” wrote Navarrete. “Special thanks to Corazón AZ!”

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Tony Navarrete alongside young children in a post regarding Dreamers and DACA – Source: Facebook

As noted by National File, Navarrete is champion of repressive COVID-19 lockdowns, restrictions, and masking policies. Navarrete had reportedly tested positive for COVID just ahead of his arrest, despite receiving a vaccine. Arizona Democrats have used Navarrete’s positive diagnosis as a reason for mask mandates and restrictions to continue statewide, and be enforced on children in Arizona’s schools.

A state senator is in serious trouble with the law. Phoenix Police officials confirm to Arizona’s Family Sen. Tony Navarrete, a Democrat from Phoenix, was arrested on Thursday, on allegations of having sexual conduct with a child. Investigators said the crimes happened in 2019 but wouldn’t release any other details. Navarrete faces multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor, among other charges, police said.

National File will continue to provide updates on Navarrete’s case as developments emerge.

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