EXCLUSIVE: Drug Dealing Costumed Supervillain Emerges In CHAZ, Threatens Women


A former vigilante named ‘Phoenix Jones’ appears to have re-emerged in Seattle’s lawless Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone as a supervillain.

Phoenix Jones was previously a member of the ‘Seattle Superheroes’, a league of costumed social justice vigilantes who appear to have taken over law enforcement within the Zone following the abolition of the police there. However, he has since left the group and allegedly embraced a new identity as a rampantly misogynistic drug lord.

Investigative journalist Jack Posobiec, who has been reporting from within the CHAZ, provided an exclusive statement to the National File after talking to the Seattle Superheroes on Sunday.

“They said one of their former members named Phoenix Jones is now evil and threatening women, and that he wears black and gold armor,” Posobiec said. “I saw a guy dressed like that earlier Sunday night during the auto shop mob.”

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KIRO 7 News reports that on Sunday night, a suspect wielding a box cutter attempted to use hand sanitizer to set the Car Tender auto shop, which is located just outside the CHAZ, on fire. The suspect went on to steal cash and car keys from the premises, before being detained by the shop owner. The police department subsequently ignored 911 calls by the shop owner to collect the suspect. Ultimately, an armed mob of rioters, which Posobiec alleges included Phoenix Jones, stormed the auto shop and freed the arsonist.

Posobiec also provided the following video footage of an interaction between onlookers and the Seattle Superheroes:

“Dude’s out here for fucking camera cred, you know what I’m saying,” Seattle Superheroes leader Red Ranger told the crowd when asked about Phoenix Jones. “Some women who are here tell us that he victimized them in the past.”

“We were all disappointed, because he was like the face of us, somehow,” Red Ranger’s sidekick, Spirit Fox, added. “Now we’re trying to make everyone see that we’re not about him.”

Red Ranger then implied that Phoenix Jones was out to commit violence, and issued him a warning.

“If he hurts and kills people, we’re here to deal with that,” Red Ranger continued.

Posobiec then turned to Red Ranger and began conversing with him.

“If you see Phoenix Jones, let us know,” said Red Ranger. “He’s the other guy who used to be a superhero and still rolls around.”

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“He’s gotten into a lot of trouble, I’ll say that on camera,” Ranger concluded, before walking away.

According to, the MMA-trained Jones retired as a vigilante last year, but has decided to make his return following the formation of the CHAZ in downtown Seattle.

“I’m out of retirement,” Jones wrote on social media. “Streets need me. Seattle hold it together I’m on my way.”

He went on to express support for the CHAZ.

“The CHAZ army is a group exercising their right to free speech and to open carry fire arms,” he added. “I’m only going to stop crimes that put people in danger, medical calls and theft of personal property.”

Based on his comments, Jones appears to suggest he is still a superhero.

However, The Seattle Times reported in January that following his retirement as a superhero, Phoenix Jones, whose real name is Ben Fodor, had become a notorious drug dealer:

On Monday, Fodor was charged with two counts of violation of the uniform control substances act (VUCSA): The first charge is for allegedly selling MDMA — a street drug known as Ecstasy or Molly — to an undercover agent in November, delivering the drugs in a paper bag to a downtown Starbucks. The second charge alleges he showed up at a Seattle hotel with Berendsen in January with cocaine they thought they were selling to a group of women.

Agents seized four grams of cocaine packaged for street sales along with a scale and empty bindles with suspected cocaine residue in a tacklebox Fodor was carrying, the charges say.

Many of Jones’ former fans were deeply disappointed at the time.

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” said YouTube commentator Bamalam.

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