EXCLUSIVE: ASU Group Defending Kyle Rittenhouse Gains New Members Who LEAVE College Republicans


The Republicans United group at Arizona State University boldly pledged half of their semester’s donations to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense after Rittenhouse was charged with first-degree murder for shooting three people and killing two in what his defenders say was a clear case of self-defense during a leftist riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse, who worked in Kenosha as a lifeguard, took it upon himself to try to help people and maintain order as leftists rampaged in the streets.

The stuffy, elitist ASU College Republicans claimed that Republicans United is a “radical far-right extremist group” and even called for their fellow Republicans to be investigated.

But Republicans United is not backing down. ASU student leaders from the group spoke to NATIONAL FILE following their very successful event Monday night with a recent Maricopa County Sheriff candidate, where they brought in new members, including those who departed the College Republicans.

President Julie Houtman told NATIONAL FILE, “I would say it was a great meeting. We got a lot of new people who came. These college republicans called us out but we had members of their club flip and joined our club, so I’d say it was a win.”

Rick Thomas, one of the group’s leaders, said that it’s important for real conservative organizations to present an alternative to the Quisling Republican groups that basically surrender to the Left.

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“We have a group of Republicans on campus that have been so slapped around by the far left that I think they have Stockholm Syndrome. They are mocked and belittled by the far left. None of them have ever come to the conclusion that maybe they’ll actually respect them if they fight back. Groups like ours don’t care about the left, and refuse to do interviews with journalists who do pronouns in their bio page,” Thomas said, noting that in 2015 and 2016 patriots saw tremendous game-changing enthusiasm for populist conservatism nationwide.

The group is now standing up to the ASU administration on mandatory facemasks.

“Michael Crow the president of the university released a statement stating when you were off campus too you needed to social distance and wear a mask and if you were caught not doing that you would be suspended,” Houtman said.

College Republicans United is not having it. Clearly, their group will be the leaders of the opposition to left-wing tyranny, leaving the weak and frightened College Republicans behind.

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