Does Greg Abbott Think The Texas Republican Party Is Anti-Semitic?


Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a video today declaring that the Christian-run, pro-free speech social media website Gab is an “anti-Semitic” platform that has no place in Texas. Confusingly, the Texas Republican Party has an account on Gab.

After big tech websites Facebook and Twitter began censoring conservatives who questioned the integrity of the 2020 election, the Texas Republican Party created a Gab account to continue communicating with its constituents without the threat of big tech censorship. The account was created in January of 2021, and was used as recently as March 9, 2021.




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Screenshot captured on March 10, 2021

They appear to have joined Gab on January 23, 2021.

Today, Abbott declared Gab to be an “anti-Semitic” website that has no place in the state of Texas. National File reported:

In a bizarre video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, the Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott falsely claimed that free speech social media website Gab is “an anti-semitic platform” that has “no place in Texas,” drawing immediate mockery online for his inaccurate statements.

In the video, Abbott is seen sitting in his wheelchair while flanked by the American and Texan flags, with the Israeli flag taking a prominent role centered directly behind him.

“Anti-semitic platforms like Gab have no place in Texas, and certainly do not represent Texas values,” Abbott said. The governor then displayed an unnamed piece of legislation created by Republican Texas representatives Phil King and Craig Goldman, which he proudly proclaims to fight “anti-semitism in Texas.”

National File previously contacted Abbott’s press office to ascertain how Abbott came to the conclusion that Gab, run by Andrew Torba, a vocal Christian, is anti-Semitic. National File did not receive an immediate response.

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Before publishing this article, National File contacted the press office again to ask whether Abbott believes that the Texas Republican Party is anti-Semitic, or if Abbott simply believes that the Texas Republican Party is merely using an anti-Semitic platform to connect with their voters. National File did not receive an immediate response.

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