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DEVASTATING: Video Surfaces Of 'Bomb' Bursting As Authorities Say Nashville Christmas Explosion Was 'Intentional'


Authorities are saying the explosion that occurred at about 6:30 a.m. on Christmas Day in Nashville, Tennessee was intentional, even as video has surfaced that appears to show the devastating explosion and immediate fallout.

In the video, a loudspeaker is heard repeating “All buildings in this area must be evacuated now.” Approximately 25 seconds into the video, the right half of the video explodes in white light, which immediately encompasses the entire camera.

The white light, likely caused by fire from the bomb, continues to fill the screen for approximately 20 seconds, until a scene of devastation is rendered visible.

While it appears authorities are still investigating, BNO News reported that the explosion was caused by a bomb.

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In a press conference, local police said “they believe the explosion was an ‘intentional act,'” but note that the FBI will serve as the lead on the investigation. Local media reported, “Federal agents say the bureau has not yet determined the motive or if the explosion was in fact intentional.” The ATF is also involved in the case.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper compared the devastation to the fallout from a bomb, specifically saying in a news conference that it was like “bomb went off.”

He added, “Don’t come to downtown Nashville. It’s going to be sealed off.”

Nobody was killed in the explosion, but three were wounded and hospitalized. Both President Donald Trump and acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen were informed of the situation early Christmas morning.

Update: Police have posted a photo of the RV that exploded.

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