Denver Cops File Lawsuit Against Democrat Mayor Over Vaccine Mandate, Claim Hundreds Of Officers Are Ready To Resign


Seven police officers employed by the Denver police department have filed a lawsuit against Mayor Michael Hancock, the Department of Public Health and Environment and its executive director agency Robert McDonald, and Denver police Chief Paul Pazen, over the vaccine mandates being instituted by the city.

The officers state that there are hundreds of more police within the department who are standing ready to resign if the mandates are not legally overturned.

Dewayne Rodgers, Jonathan Christian, Bart Stark, Rich Ziegler, Nick Elliott, David Curtiss, Les Tucker filed the lawsuit this week, writing, “With caution thrown to the winds, everyone — the young and healthy, the old, the previously recovered and naturally immune, even pregnant and breastfeeding women — is currently being pressured by governments, businesses and educational institutions to submit to a COVID inoculation with no assessment of the risks or benefits for each individual or any consideration of medical necessity or contraindication in each particular case.”

The filing continued, “The clear, immediate threat of irreparable harm to the Plantiffs regarding compliance with an unlawful public health order which mandates a medical procedure, including the punitive nature of the ‘reasonable accomodations’- coupled with the strong public interest of retaining adequate numbers of police officers- weigh heavily in favor of the requested injunctive relief.”

In conclusion, the filing noted that “There are hundreds of Denver Police Officers who reached out to undersigned counsel to be included in this litigation. Many of these officers are considering resigning their post with Denver Police Department.”

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Mayor Michael Hancock complained about the lawsuit, telling CBS, “We find this to be regrettable and quite frankly selfish on behalf of these individuals to file this claim at this time. I think they are out of step with science.” Hancock bragged, “If you choose not to comply, you fired yourself.”

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