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DC Antifa Member Blames Capitalism After They're Unable To Repel Far Right Patriot Front March


Last night members of the identitarian group Patriot Front marched on the U.S. Capitol, but had apparently kept their intentions secret, leaving the Antifa members of Washington, D.C. unable to organize into black bloc mobs and repel them with force. At least one Antifa member blamed capitalism after they were unable to mount an effective response.

According to Antifa expert Andy Ngo, Twitter accounts associated with Antifa used “a tactic called cyber swarming to immediately mobilize large groups of comrades to ‘swarm’ (i.e., attack) a target at the national mall in D.C.”

“The far-right rally was not pre-announced so #antifa were unable to organize a counter direct action ahead of time,” wrote Ngo. “One account blames capitalism for this.”

The account in question, called DC Youth Liberation Front, complained that “living in DC” is “f**king hard” because “people have jobs.” The apparent Antifa member complained, “You forget that we’re just regular people trying to live under capitalism.”

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The target of Antifa’s attempt to cyber swarm was apparently the Patriot Front march that went viral last night. The organization apparently separated from another group called Vanguard America after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The group has been accused of holding racist beliefs, and has been associated with the definition of “alt right” popularized by the media.

Video shows a small number of apparent Antifa members hurling insults toward the Patriot Front marchers and the police charged with protecting them.

One man repeatedly hurled insults that seemed to be directed at the police officers rather than Patriot Front members.

“F**king traitors, you’re a f**king disgrace, you traitors,” the man shouted as the marchers passed, escorted by police officers on bicycles. “F**king traitors. Hide behind your wall you f**king traitors. F**king disgusting.”

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According to the Patriot Front’s self-described manifesto, its “mission is a hard reset” on the United States, and “a return to the traditions and virtues of our forefathers.”

The manifesto warns that “Our national way of life faces complete annihilation as our culture and heritage are attacked from all sides,” and suggests that “Americans are on the threshold of becoming a conquered people.”

The manifesto also includes a quote about race from 30th President Calvin Coolidge and suggests that the United States government no longer serves the “interests of the descendants of its creators.”

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