'COLD CALCULATED FRAUD': Detroit Poll Watcher Alleges Electioneering, Phony Biden Ballots, Discarded Trump Ballots


At the Michigan hearing on election integrity, Detroit poll watcher Articia Bomer claimed to witness multiple examples of “irregularities and violations of Michigan election law” at the polls on election night in a fiery testimony.

“I hope my statement is taken seriously. I am sharing this information under the penalty of perjury that if I testify, I could be locked up if I’m telling a lie, which I am not.” said Bomer, at the beginning of her testimony.

Bomber dove right in, listing off various examples of irregularities that she allegedly witnessed on election night:

“On November 3rd, 2020, between 9:30 and 10 PM, I reported to TCF Center. I was assigned to two seperate tables, Absentee Voting County Board 123 and 120. I immediately noticed things were not normal. Election workers were allowed to wear Biden T-shirts, blue face masks, the ones I recognized on Gretchen Whitmer’s face in some of her interviews on Charlie Langton’s show.”

Along with Biden facemasks, Bomber said that she saw poll workers wearing “Black Lives Matter facemasks, which is a political movement.” Bomer firmly declared: “I am not passing judgement on this because I am a proud black woman from the City of Detroit.”

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Bomer notes later that she was “strictly told not to wear anything partisan” and that supervisors seemed to be “implementing a double standard.”

“Election workers had jackets, backpacks, purses, etcetera, on the tables and on the floors. There was no system to check your personal effects. Some people even had coolers for food with them. I don’t know what was in them, it could’ve been ballots for all I know,” said the poll watcher.

She explained that she witnessed an election worker place a ballot that was filled in for President Donald Trump, into a black container as opposed to processing it. “I saw this with my own eyes, all this that I’m saying to you today. I could see this because the marking was at the very top left corner of the ballot.”

Bomer claimed to witness a meeting between election workers, which she said ended “in cheers.” At 11:43 PM, she allegedly heard one of the workers yell: “This is our house tonight.” and “They’re going to do what we tell them to do from here on out.” Bomer adds that she was once a U.S. Taxpayer Party of Michigan candidate.

“I observed stations where election workers were working on scanned ballots that had issues that needed to be manually corrected,” said Bomer. The poll worker then said she believed that the votes for President Trump were being “changed.”

Bomber also claimed that she saw “around 100” or more ballots that had notes written in cursive on the “top right hand corner,” with missing ballot code numbers. Furthermore, she alleged that at 4:03 AM, a worker announced that 50 more boxes of ballots were to be brought in, which was followed by loud cheers from election workers.

At about 4:50 a.m., Bomber claimed to see an individual “spraying a chemical inside of the ballot” but noted that it “could’ve been air,” which she seemed to doubt, because she alleged that the same man “put White-Out tape up inside of there” and that he had been walking around with it throughout the entire night. “I have witnesses,” said Bomer, which she then named specifically.

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“But let me tell you, it was voter fraud at its finest. Pure and cold calculated fraud, and I wouldn’t be surprised if people up here was involved,” said Bomer.

At the end of her testimony, Bomber said this:

I plead the blood of Jesus over this fraud, and that everybody that was part of it and know about it will be convicted in they soul and they spirit! They won’t sleep. They won’t eat until they come right. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

To see more of what Bomber has to say about her experience as a poll watcher on election night, watch this interview on YouTube:



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