CNN's Ana Navarro Roasted Online for Thinking All Southerners Are From Arkansas


Female CNN pundit Ana Navarro, who is best known for attacking President Donald Trump and calling herself a “Nicaraguan-American,” landed herself in hot water Thursday when she appeared to imply she thinks Jeff Sessions is from Arkansas.

Have spent two days in Arkansas,” Navarro wrote. “Had forgotten how dang warm, like-able and genuinely nice people from the South can be.”

The female pundit continued, “For the life of me, I don’t know how they gave us the likes of Jeff Sessions.”

Navarro, who has “this is my country. I’m not going back anywhere” in her Twitter bio, was pilloried online for her apparent inability to distinguish people born across the South from being born in Arkansas.

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“There’s no way you could possibly be this stupid,” one user wrote in a reply that quickly shot to the top of the comments section.

Another user tweeted, “Funny. I think the same thing when I spend time with my lovely Latina friends, then see your Twitter feed.”

Other tweets corrected Navarro, reminding her that Jeff Sessions was born in Alabama, and served there in the Senate.

The tweet was also preserved via screenshot in case it is later deleted by Navarro.

Navarro’s prodigious Nicaraguan-American intellect can be seen on full display below.

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