Citizen Challenges Tim Scott In GOP Primary Because Scott Ignored His Election Integrity Complaints


Citizen Timothy Swain has filed to run in the 2022 South Carolina Republican primary against Sen. Tim Scott to advance America First policies in Washington, D.C. Timothy Swain decided to run after he tried repeatedly to get information about the disputed 2020 presidential election to Scott, but Scott’s office gave him the brush-off. So Swain told NATIONAL FILE that he is running for a cause that is likely to resonate with many concerned citizens: If elected, Timothy Swain will answer the phone.

A homeschool dad with a background in construction estimating and management and a GOP precinct president, Timothy Swain is a dedicated supporter of President Donald Trump. He called up Scott’s Washington, D.C. and South Carolina offices numerous times during the disputed election and offered Scott his services to help ensure election integrity. But Scott’s staff was not receptive and would never patch him through to the senator.

“Scott would come into my wife’s (realtor office) so I would use that tactic to try to get Scott on the phone. I would tell his staff, ‘He knows my wife,'” Timothy Swain told NATIONAL FILE. “I would ask for meetings. I would tell his staff what happened in each hearing about election integrity. His office even admitted to me that about 9 out of every 10 callers they got were demanding that Scott do something to preserve election integrity for Trump. They did nothing. Tim Scott didn’t want Trump back in office.”

Shortly after Sen. Lindsey Graham’s office found out that Swain was serious about challenging Scott, Graham traveled to Mar-a-Lago for a summit with Trump and President Trump endorsed Scott for re-election. But Swain is still determined to run and win the 2022 primary.

“My biggest difference from my primary opponent is election stuff. Tim Scott loves mail-in ballots. I’m a No Mail-In Ballots guy,” Swain told NATIONAL FILE. Sen. Tim Scott infamously defended mail-in voting during the 2020 election, saying in August 2020 that the mail-in program would “work out just fine.” Swain also accuses Scott of being “silent” during President Trump’s efforts to get a fair accounting of the 2020 election between November 3 and Joe Biden’s January 20 inauguration.

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“I’ve been working really hard, calling and emailing everyone I can,” the challenger Timothy Swain said, noting that he has several people working on his upstart campaign effort including by handing out flyers. “I want to define the role of a senator as somebody who is accountable to the people. If I get elected, and a vote is coming out, I won’t just tell you on social media when the vote is going to be. I’ll say, text this number and let me know how you feel. That gives me live data to determine how South Carolinians feel on every issue.”

“We need to pause immigration for at least 5 years, possibly ten years. Immigration, to me, is about supply and demand. We are supplying, but there’s no demand. I have two young kids and they are being replaced.”

“I’ve been called racist over the last year because I’m a white guy and I wear a Trump hat when I go out. The people in Congress who are perpetuating the race divide? That’s got to stop. Those are the most dangerous issues, not just to conservatives but to all of us.”

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