Furious Medical Director Says Biden Admin's Use of 'Faulty' CDC Data Will 'Definitely' Cost Lives

As a result of the federal government's misstep, the doctor said, he had to cancel critical treatments for about 250 people.
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Virginia: Parents Sue School District to Stop Critical Race Theory 'Indoctrination' of Their Kids

A group of parents and students in Albemarle County, Virginia are suing their local public school district over an “anti-racism” lesson policy that they say is pushing critical race theory […]

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Jim Hoft's Marriage to Filipino Man Half His Age Isn't Proof He's in a 'Satanic Pedophilia Cabal,' Lawyer Says

"Jim Hoft's attorney is the only person to utter the words 'satanic pedophile cabal' in connection with Jim Hoft or The Gateway Pundit," said Peters.
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A Conservative Influencer Wrote About Cuckolding Then Threw A Fit, Now His Gay Porn Surfaced

Alpha male lifestyle coach-turned-conservative influencer John Goldman, who markets himself using the name Jack Murphy, sparked controversy earlier this month when he snapped at a female podcast host who relayed […]

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