BUSTED: Pelosi Met With Police Officers Who Gave Shockingly Partisan Testimony About January 6


Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Capitol and Metro Police officers who testified before the congressional “January 6 Commission,” where the officers delivered shockingly partisan and widely-doubted accounts of the protest events. Pelosi personally invited Harry Dunn, a Capitol police officer, and Metro police officers Daniel Hodges and Michael Fanone to the House gallery for a vote back in June, making it clear that Pelosi had those three officers handpicked. Here is a photo of Pelosi meeting with Dunn, Fanone, and Hodges, alongside fellow leftist Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell.

NATIONAL FILE REPORTED: Harry Dunn, the Capitol Hill Police Department officer who claimed, without evidence, during Tuesday’s Congressional hearing that he was called a “n****r” by Jan. 6 Trump supporters, is a devout left-wing activist who frequently posted about his hatred for conservatives and his association with black supremacists on Twitter.

Racism is so American, that when you protest it, people think that you are protesting America! #RacistInChief #racism #leaveittowhitestotellblackswhatisntracist #IStandWithIlhanOmar #squad,” Dunn tweeted in July 2019, expressing his feelings about “whites” and his love for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

In May, Dunn posted a picture of a tattoo that he had gotten to show off his support for black grievance politics. “The eye is crying blood, the black heart represents the struggle of black people. Blood tears for all the bloodshed in the struggle for equality while getting in ‘good trouble’. The red lightning is chaos all around #goodtrouble #JohnLewis,” Dunn wrote in support of dead politician and political avtivist John Lewis.

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“If me talking about racism makes you uncomfortable, then thats [sic] exactly why I’m doing it,” Dunn declared in April. He also narrated an anti-Trump political video for liberal organization The Lincoln Project.

During the June 2020 George Floyd riots, Dunn, who has been held up as a model police officer who represents the collective feelings of law enforcement, retweeted a post attacking police officers.

Dunn also posted a video mocking a security threat towards former President Donald Trump.

Perhaps most alarmingly, in June 2019 Dunn retweeted a video from black supremacist Tariq Nasheed that instigated hate towards a White man. Dunn compared the man to Trayvon Martin attack survivor George Zimmerman, and appeared to negatively reference heritage and sexual orientation by hyperbolizing that the man had “a Confederate and Rainbow flag wrapped around him.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, one of the targets of Dunn’s political rage, pointed out the CHPD officer’s history of leftist Twitter activism, stating “Harry Dunn has very little in common with your average cop. Dunn is an angry left-wing political activist.”

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