BRITAIN: 12-Year-Old Trans Girl Starts Puberty Blockers, Identified as Girl Since Age 3


One of Britain’s youngest transgender children–who began identifying as a girl at the age of 3–has started their physical transition into becoming a girl at 12 years old by commencing a course of puberty blockers.

Terri Lammin, 43, from Ramsgate, Kent, said her daughter Ash–born Ashton–felt uncomfortable as a boy since the age of three and watching Ash grow up confused was ‘heartbreaking.’

According to The Daily Mail, she said: ‘Although she was born male, from the moment she could speak Ash insisted she was a girl.

‘By age five, she was asking “when is someone going to chop my winky off?” – and questioning why she had it at all.’

Terri says that Ash was fascinated by the color pink and liked to wear princess dresses.

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Ash had her name changed from Ashton to Ashley at eight years old.

She said: ‘The journey is long and it’s still going, but I feel like the sense of victory is there through it all. I do feel accepted sometimes, but other times not.

‘Not everyone is going to understand and people have to have their own opinions and I understand that. Some people might not like the idea of trans.

‘I hope I inspire others but I just hope that love and acceptance comes through everything.’

Despite taking ample criticism, Terri fully supports Ash’s transition.

Ash will being taking puberty blockers on a NHS-run clinic.

Ash will take puberty blockers until she is eighteen, where she will decide whether or not to continue the transition.

Terri has conducted much thorough research into the transition–even looking at the possible of a womb transplant so that Ash can become a mother someday.

Terri has signaled that she never believed that the transition was just a phase.

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Another child, by the name of Luna, also began identifying as a girl at the age of three.

National File reports:

The child, 7, who now goes by the name ‘Luna’ began to identify as a girl around the age of three.

At birthday parties and Christmas, when asked what he wanted, he’d often answer that he wished to be a girl.

His request was granted.

His mother, Jeneen Schofield, 37, supported the early gender transition.

NHS worker, Schofield, claims that Luna would reject activities associated with boyhood and preferred to play with dolls instead.

Much of these transitions wouldn’t be made possible without the assistance of an overwhelmed NHS child transgender referral center.

National File also reports:

Last year 2,590 children were referred to the clinic, a rise of more than 400 per cent since 2013, leading to a two-year waiting list.

Ten of the children were aged three or four and dozens more were of primary-school age. The treatment includes giving the children hormone-blocking drugs



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