Breitbart News Exposed Alleged Whistleblower From Government Emails


The alleged “Whistleblower”, at the center of the Democrats “Ukraine Phone Call” Impeachment craze, has been exposed by Breitbart News, on Wednesday, as an Obama Administration Employee working on Ukraine deals.

Showing a clear conflict of interest for Ciaramella to be an anonymous Whistleblower against President Trump’s foreign policy agenda, Breitbart News wrote about a chain of emails they found which prove Ciaramella was associated with other Obama Administration personnel, all working on the fraudulent anti-Trump Dossier at the heart of the first Impeachment tactic, the Russian Collusion Hoax.

According to Breitbart News, “Ciaramella’s name comes up in six Obama-era government emails that were released by the State Department as part of two previous Freedom of Information Act requests.  At the time of the exchanges, Ciaramella served as the Director for Baltic and Eastern European Affairs for the Obama-era National Security Council, where he worked on Ukraine policy.  He is now an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency.”

This news, proving Ciaramella’s conflict of interest, comes at a time when Rep. Adam Schiff, (D-CA), Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, announced his lengthy and secret impeachment hearings would be made public sometime next week.

Also unfolding is Republican Senator Rand Paul’s determined and focused defense of Trump, saying it is a Constitutional Right for Trump to be able to face his accuser.   The Democrats have insisted that the name of the Whistleblower be kept a secret from Trump and from Americans, to protect him.

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Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the article by Breitbart News, bring scrutiny upon himself from political opponents of his Father’s, who were anger tweeting that Ciaramella’s name had been outed by Trump Jr.

In fact, most media outlets and concerned citizens had already known the name and suspected Ciaramella as the suspected alleged Whistleblower against Trump’s foreign policy agenda for some weeks.

Senator Diane Feinstein issued a threat, intent on keeping the cover-up of the name, on Wednesday demanding the name be protected by the very Government who stand to lose great credibility if Breitbart’s story gets out.

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