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BREAKING: Trump Declares Victory in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan


President Donald announced on Twitter Wednesday afternoon that the Trump campaign is claiming electoral victories in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Georgia, the State of North Carolina, and the State of Michigan, in an unprecedented decision that rejects the technocratic censorship of Big Tech and the mainstream media.

“We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead,” President Trump announced on Twitter.

“Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact, there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported!” the President added.

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Both tweets were censored by Twitter, and the second was banned entirely, with users unable to like or retweet.

Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and the Trump campaign called Pennsylvania for Trump just minutes earlier:

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has tweeted out that Pennsylvania has fallen into the Trump column.

Twitter has branded McEnany’s tweet with their promised warning label that information may be in dispute.

President Trump leads Joe Biden in Pennsylvania 52.2 percent to 46.6 percent with 85 percent of the vote counted.

While several members of the Trump campaign and the Trump family called the race, which seems to be narrowing in Trump’s favor with an almost insurmountable lead for the Democrat challenger, Twitter noted in a bold red font that “Official sources may not have called the race when this was tweeted.”

The Trump campaign took massive Election Day leads in several key battleground states before vote counts were halted because poll workers allegedly needed to sleep, before vote counts resumed in the early morning hours with huge caches of mail-in ballots being reported, all of which were cast for Joe Biden.

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