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BREAKING: Mike Pence Swamped By Boos, Chants of 'Traitor!' At Faith And Freedom Coalition Summit


Video footage from Mike Pence’s speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition on Friday shows that the former Vice President was roundly heckled by audience members, as cries of “Traitor!” filled the room whenever he tried to read a line from his speech. According to eyewitnesses, the hecklers were later forced out of the event by security staff.

Congressional candidate Jarome Bell broke the news on Twitter, stating “@Mike_Pence was just BOOed at the Faith and Freedom Coalition summit. There’s a group of people yelling “TRAITOR” at him. They’re not wrong. They have been led to the exits. Pence should have done more to fight disputed electors.”

A video posted to Twitter with the caption “Pence gets drowned out by hecklers at the Faith & Freedom Coalition summit, some of whom appear to be chanting ‘traitor!'” shows that shortly after Pence said “It is great to be back with so many patriots,” he was swamped with a chorus of boos.

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As National File reported in April, Mike Pence scored an abysmally low 19% favorability ranking in a McLaughlin & Associates presidential primary poll that excluded President Donald Trump:

Former Vice President Mike Pence mysteriously scored 19% approval in a new Republican Presidential Primary poll just 3 months after his betrayal of the American people, President Donald Trump, and the US Constitution.

In a new poll by McLaughlin & Associates, the former Vice President scored 19% among likely voters in the 2024 general election with President Donald Trump not included. In second place came Donald Trump Jr. who scored 15% support.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in third place with 14% support.

Former President Trump said he is “beyond seriously” considering a 2024 Presidential run and has recently been outspoken about the disastrous policies of the Biden administration following the controversial and arguably illegitimate 2020 election ushered in by the US military in Washington DC. While Pence mysteriously appears to hold the lead in the poll where Trump is not included, Trump remains the frontrunner with the most support in the Republican party with an overwhelming 55% support compared to Pence who has only 10%, according to the survey.

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