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BREAKING: Democrat Introduces Bill To Make Biden Regime Ban Unvaccinated Passengers From All Domestic Airline Flights


Mask and vaccine booster shot supporters on social media are very excited about a new bill introduced by Rep. Ritche Torres (D-NY) that would ban passengers who have not taken the COVID vaccine from traveling on all domestic airline flights.

The description of H.R. 4980 states it would “direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and for other purposes.” The current Secretary of homeland Security under the Biden Regime is Alejandro Mayorkas.

H.R. 4980 is the latest in a series of attempts by vaccine activists to make life more difficult for unvaccinated people. On August 9, National File reported on the plans of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to make the vaccine mandatory for all military service personnel by Sept. 15, with those who refuse potentially facing court martial:

“I will seek the president’s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon” approval by the Food and Drug Administration, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declares in a memo to troops obtained by the Associated Press. “I will not hesitate to act sooner or recommend a different course to the President if l feel the need to do so.”

The requirement could be moved up to an even earlier date if ‘infections continue to rise,” and restrictions such as “wearing masks, social distancing and travel limits” will apply to unvaccinated service members in the interim. The Associated Press reports that “Military officials have said that once the vaccine is mandated, a refusal could constitute failure to obey an order, and may be punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

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It is unknown when H.R. 4980 will be eligible for a vote in the U.S. House.

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