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BREAKING: 24 GOP House Reps Send Letter Slamming Biden Regime For Firing Space Force Officer Who Criticized Marxism


Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier was removed from his command earlier this week after he appeared on a podcast and criticized critial race theory and “diversity and inclusion” programs created by the Biden regime and foist on the U.S. Military. Now, 24 Republican House Representatives have issued a letter slamming the Biden regime and the military for its decision.

“We write to you out of grave concern for what appears to be an increasingly politicized environment developing in the Department of Defense which has recently manifested in the United States Space Force,” the letter began. “Specifically, we are concerned about the removal of Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier from his command in the wake of two podcasts he participated in to discuss his new book.” The Space Force claims that Lohmeier was removed for criticizing Marxist critical race theory due to concerns that his statements may have “constituted prohibited partisan political activity,” and an investigation is currently underway.

“Based on the interviews themselves, these statements by a Space Force spokesperson seem entirely divorced from reality,” the letter exclaims. “According to his interviews, he raised concerns expressed in his book and on the podcast through his chain of command and through the Air Force Office of Inspector General. based on outreach we have conducted,” the letter adds, “Lohmeier has a stellar service record with no history of insubordination or malfeasance.”

The letter then offers a series of examples of other active duty military officers and senior enlisted leaders “employing much more politicized speech” than that used by Lohmeier. Its first example is Air Force Chief of Staff, General David L. Goldfein, who recently remarked, “Every American should be outraged that the conduct exhibited by police in Minneapolis can still happen in 2020,” referring to the death of George Floyd. The letter also references several statements made by active duty members of the military which criticized Tucker Carlson after he made remarks critical of the Biden regime’s plan to create something called “maternity flight suits,” ostensibly so pregnant women can fly fighter jets and bombers.

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“There were no actions taken against any of these senior leaders who publicly, in uniform, and from official Department of Defense accounts lambasted a private U.S. Citizen for having an opinion regarding defense policy which differed from the official DOD policy,” the letter adds. “In fact, the official Department of Defense website still proudly trumpets the headline “Press Secretary Smites Host That Dissed Diversity in U.S. Military.”

“Ultimately, there seems to be no material difference between the very public statements made by many senior leaders while in uniform and on official social media accounts, and those made by Lietenant Colonel Lohmeier in an unofficial capacity. The sole difference seems to be the ideological content of his remarks.”

“We cannot allow temporary political appointees at the Department of Defense who are ideologically motivated to purge those men and women in uniform who do not agree with the cultural or political fads of the moment,” the letter concludes. “We look forward to the expeditious reinstatement of Lieutenant Colonel Lohmeier.”

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